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Good Builders are Hard to Find. Relax, you just found a great one.

Dowling Homes will work with you to get you the result that you need.

When you choose your dream home extension you want everything to go just right.

You want your designer to understand you and your lifestyle.  And you want a builder who’ll work with your “wish list” and budget and make sure everything goes to plan.

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Home Extensions Builders Adelaide
Home Extensions Builders Adelaide
Home Renovations Builders Adelaide
Home Renovations Builders Adelaide
Upper Storey Builders
Upper Storey Builders


Homes Extensions Adelaide are our specialty.  We’ll build you a fabulous new space that integrates seamlessly with your original home. We recognise that maintaining the character and charm of your home is so important.

Does your home need more space AND a facelift?  Dowling Homes are also the renovation specialists. You don’t need to find two separate builders. We’ll take care of your renovation as well as your home extension. We can usually get a start on the renovating part of the project while drawings and council approvals are being finalised. This often means your project can begin quickly, and the length of the build time can be reduced.

Dowling kitchens are the pride of hundreds of Adelaide home extensions.  And our stunning bathrooms are customised for each project to provide comfort and luxury and increase the home’s value.

Dowling Homes has experience in both single storey and upper storey home extensions. We work largely in heritage suburbs. This type of work requires specialised skills to meet heritage requirements, and to ensure the additions maintain harmony with the original building.

We can provide you with a fixed price quote from your plans or can help design what works best for you.

Dowling Homes are happy to provide a free initial consultation, so please contact us to make arrangements for a meeting with Kym Dowling – homes extensions Adelaide.

What Our Clients Are Saying
“I love the kitchen  I love my new bathroom I love everything and there’s not one thing I’d fault!”
Kay – Mile End


“We’re getting our own little grand design without any of the cost overruns”
Colin – Ovingham
“The quality of work was exceptional. The planning and communication was excellent. If you’re thinking of getting a building company to help you with your extension, Dowling Homes gets my recommendation”
Casey – Unley

Adelaide Client Home Renovations Testimonial

Here's a testimonial from one of our happy customers at Tusmore.

Home Renovations Adelaide are our specialty. Watch the video and give us a call today to chat about your project, or fill in an on-line enquiry form to request a free quote.

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Kym Dowling 0409 829 871

Here's a transcription of the video:

We were planning a renovation in various parts of the house and originally I thought I could do it myself, like project manage it myself; just getting separate contractors to do different areas of the house. I got my first tradesperson in to give me a quote, and I realised at that point that there was a lot of work involved and he couldn't do other parts of the job that were required, so I decided I needed a project manager and I had no idea where to go for that, so I went online. I found the Dowling Homes website and that website, for me, I kept going back to it, and what was interesting actually I kept going back to it wondering if I could afford it because the homes and the jobs that you guys were doing look so amazing and I wondered with my budget whether I could do it, and then I went "What the hell" and typed in what I wanted to do onto your website which was great because I didn't have to talk to anyone. I could just say this is my budget, this is what I want to do. You could have either laughed at the other end or you know, come on board, which is what you did.

I was really happy with the budget I was given. I think we were quite realistic in our approach and that was definitely my husband, but I have been surprised at what we can do for the amount of money that we had and it's really exciting because we are making so many changes to the house; an ensuite and a walk in robe, a new kitchen, walk in robes upstairs in our girls' rooms, plus painting throughout and outside. Actually, yes, now I think about it and talk about it in those terms I'm actually quite shocked at how much we can get done.

Love the tradespeople. Love all of the tradespeople. Thye're just thoughtful and clean up after themselves and are responsive if you ask them anything, and yes, have been brilliant, have been brilliant.

I would recommend them at a drop of a hat, absolutely, absolutely. You know, I think an indicator is that at Christmas time, we were sitting around the Christmas dinner table, surrounded we had dust and dirt and there were boxes of crap everywhere and you know, we didn't care because the team that you guys have put together have made it so easy to live here while we're doing this and being a lot of fun actually to work with, so I would have no hesitation about recommending Dowling Homes.


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