By Jan Dowling January 7th, 2015. Comments Off on 5 Clever Ways We Solve Your Storage and Bathroom Problems While We Build

When you’re embarking on a building or renovation project, there are always two niggling questions you want to ask: Where do we put all our furniture during the demolition phase? And where do we go to the bathroom?

Building a shed first is one great storage solution. Watch Parkside stage 1 to see how we’re doing it here.

Building a beautiful shed in Parkside SA

It all comes down to our staged approach. Before you project even begins, we think ahead to each stage and consider everything we can so you have minimum disruption to your day-to-day life.

Depending on your project, we offer five solutions to the storage and bathroom dilemmas:

1. Build a beautiful shed

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes and can open the door to an easier, stress-free building project by providing the solution to all your storage problems. You can store furniture and appliances safely on-site while the build zooms along.

That’s exactly what we’re doing at Parkside. Our clever customers had already designed this beautiful weatherboard shed and we’ve built it as stage 1 of the project. Their furniture is safely under lock and key while we continue with stage 2.

Attractive shed in Parkside SA

2. Build the ensuite first

You need never be without comfortable bathroom facilities during your build. We can build your new ensuite and/or dressing room as stage 1 before we demolish your old one.

In fact, that’s exactly what we did in this Unley villa renovation and addition. The stunning ensuite to the main bedroom was built on the side of the home before we started on the family bathroom. See the full story here.

Unley bathroom extension

Unley bathroom extension

This ensuite was also special because it made wonderful use of a wasted path down the side of the house. At only 1.35 metres deep, the en suite features an enormous shower, large vanity with stone tops, storage cupboard and room for two people to get ready simultaneously.

Do you have any wasted areas that could be used to add value to your home and lifestyle? Contact Us and we’ll help you unleash their potential.

3. Convert an existing room into a bathroom first

Another way we can solve your “no bathroom” problem is by converting one of the existing rooms into a bathroom first. That’s what we did in a recent Mile End project. One of the villa’s original rooms was converted into a large ensuite and dressing room in the first stage, providing them with a full-width shower, double vanity and toilet. See the video diary here

Unley bathroom extension

Mile End bathroom extension

And we did it here at Semaphore. Removing the rear of the house meant demolishing the old bathroom. So stage 1 was to convert the old kitchen into a fabulous wet room (the owners certainly thanked us for it!).

Semaphore renovation converted the old kitchen into a fabulous bathroom

Semaphore renovation converted the old kitchen into a fabulous bathroom

When we renovated and extended this gorgeous traditional cottage at Mile End, stage 1 was to convert the badly positioned kitchen into a spacious bathroom with luxurious open shower and a separate WC.

Cottage renovation at Mile End, Adelaide

Cottage renovation at Mile End, Adelaide

But repurposing existing space doesn’t just have to be part of a build. We did it here for our Tusmore renovation project where we turned an unused bedroom into a gorgeous ensuite and dressing room. See the whole story here.

Tusmore extension project transformation

Tusmore extension project transformation

Of course, the above three solutions aren’t possible for every project. So here are two other great options:

4. Gobox storage

Don’t want to build a shed? Gobox is a mobile storage solution in Adelaide, offering a storage unit that fits into even the tightest spaces on your property. You can organise it yourself, or we’ll be happy to organise it for you.

5. Portable ensuites

Finally, portable en suites and portable toilets are another convenient solution to your bathroom dilemmas. They come in a range of styles and can include luxuries such as a full-size hot shower, vanity, heating, power points, towel rails and more.

Our five storage and bathroom solutions aren’t just for home additions and extensions, they are also ideal if you’re embarking on a renovation. In fact, they are a must-have to ensure your daily routine remains smooth and stress-free.

So there you have it – a range of carefully considered options to meet your storage and bathroom requirements during your build.

Hear what our clients have to say about Dowling Homes and their own unique building experiences in our video testimonials.

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