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In part two of our Bathroom Essentials post, we explore the style trends taking bathrooms by storm, and the best products to help you get the look.

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Eco Style

Saving water is an increasingly important consideration in every household, and it starts in the bathroom. The good news is the huge range of water-saving products on offer makes it possible to enjoy a beautiful bathroom and care for the environment. One key thing to look for when fitting out your bathroom is the WELS rating. The Australian “Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards” scheme tells Australian consumers how water-efficient a product is. Labels show a star rating and also a water consumption or water flow figure. The less water used, the higher the star rating. Tapware can be a maximum of 6 stars, toilets can be a maximum of 5 stars and showerheads can be a maximum of 3 stars. For example, Kohler’s range features the Margaux and Singulier basin mixers (5 star WELS) and the Escale toilet (4-star WELS), while Reece’s Ram Yeva horizontal basin mixer has an amazing 6-star rating.

Style on Tap

Taps have the ability to pull a bathroom design together, achieving a harmonious look across the basin, bath and shower. There is an extensive range of taps for every design preference and installation need. Choose from refined cosmopolitan looks, with taps that exude minimalism and architectural form; simple timeless designs; or classic traditional shapes. Depending on your installation needs, you can choose from three-hole or two-hole basin taps, single lever mixers, two-handle taps or even wall-mounted taps. Kohler provides inspiration on tap in its Stance and Stillness collections, while the Perrin & Rowe Contemporary collection has the option of filtered water for pure face washing.

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Shower screening

The design of your shower can set the tone for your bathroom space. One of the hottest trends in showers is the frameless shower cubicle. It opens up a bathroom and gives the look of modern luxury. Reece provides a gorgeous collection of walk-in wet room shower systems and open frameless showers, including the Mizu range. Shower screen specialist Euroglass provides a range of frameless shower systems to suit different installation needs, including hinged, sliding, picot and fixed. If you don’t want to go completely frameless, you can also choose a semi-frameless shower screen, which has more glass and less aluminium with just the perimeter being framed. It is visually more appealing than the fully framed styles while being a budget-friendly option. Alternatively, if you desire full enclosure, you can opt for a complete shower cubicle with everything from the floor to the ceiling.

Clear the air

Things can get a little steamy in your bathroom space, so it’s important to choose a well-designed fan system to ensure mould and moisture don’t move in. New designs will help you remove humidity for a healthier bathroom environment, with the added bonus of lighting. Systems from suppliers such as IXL Appliances provide different sizes and configurations for every space. The latest models feature bathroom heating lights, powerful exhaust fans and maximum illumination for everyday needs. 

Decorative Tiles

The beauty of designing a bathroom is that you can explore your creativity. Tiles are the perfect way to include some artistic and visual interest into your bathroom space. Don’t restrict yourself to the walls; consider a pattern that flows seamlessly from ceiling to floor.  Create a feature around your bath or sink area, or create impact with a whole wall of decorative tiles – the possibilities are endless. The good news is there are endless unique tile designs to help your realise your design – pebble tiles for texture, stainless steel penny designs, and many more.

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Spa Styling

Spa-style accessories and detailing helps you bring the luxury of a spa resort into your home. Heated handrails and underfloor heating bring serenity and warmth. Avenir has designed low voltage heated towel ladders that heat up in as little as 5 minutes, while the English Tapware Company provides wall-mounted hydronic towel warmers and floor towel warmers in a myriad of contemporary and traditional styles.

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