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Looking for ways to create brilliant bathrooms without busting the budget? In our second bathroom blog, we’ll shine the light on more (that’s right, more!) bathroom products and ideas that are bringing the house down.

If you’re searching for new bathroom ideas and products, you’ll find inspiration here for every style and budget. In our first blog, we began by showing all sorts of wonderful baths, so it seems only fair to start with something special for our shower-loving friends!


Starting the day with a shower does wonders for the mind and body – especially when you’ve taken the time to choose a shower to fit your personality. Are you looking for a “home spa” experience, a wet room or a simple yet design-savvy shower for your en-suite? There’s a whole variety of shower systems to meet your needs. And the great news is that all those stimulating features that were once confined to a day spa are becoming even more affordable for the home. So why not be a little bit daring with side water jets, massage jets, or even a steam shower? You don’t necessarily need to splash out…

Shower systems: To get the hair wet, or not to get the hair wet? That is the question. And the shower system is the answer. With a shower system you get the best of both worlds – an overhead shower for a long luxurious downpour, and the handheld shower for when you’re feeling a little more conservative. Fixed wall or adjustable wall showers are a simple, neat and stylish look; while a shower on rails or hand-held shower offers complete flexibility.

Overhead showers: Imagine standing under a waterfall or tropical downpour on a steaming hot day – that is precisely the sensation an overhead shower, or rain head, is designed to replicate. Perrin & Rowe offer stunning traditional shower roses in sizes to suit different bathrooms.

Phoenix Kubus overhead shower rose Hansgrohe Raindance E 420 Air 2jet Showerpipe
Phoenix Kubus overhead shower rose Hansgrohe Raindance E 420 Air 2jet Showerpipe


Multifunction showerhead: Not sure whether you want a constant jet of water or a gentle mist? The multifunction showerhead is for you. With various spray options and a range of intensities, there really is something for every member of the household.

Handshower: Get all the functionality of showerheads, but you choose where to direct the flow of water. The Hansgrohe Raindance s120 rail shower combines a modern rounded design with AIR technology spray to deliver the ultimate in showering comfort.

Feel like splashing out? Kohler’s award-winning blue tooth enabled shower head, MOXIE, is the first to stream music, talk and podcasts from blue tooth enabled devices such as smart phone, MP3 and iMac etc. Oh and it’s a refreshing shower too. It’s only just arrived in Australia, so watch this space!

Have you thought about water economy? Just as with tapware, one of the key factors to consider when choosing your shower is how economical it is in water usage. Look out for the WELS rating (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) which will help you choose the best fit for your lifestyle. The more stars, the more efficient the shower.

Great grates

With every shower comes another important design decision: the grate. It might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but the grate you choose can help set the tone and functionality of your bathroom space.

Veitch Swan Shower Channel Veitch Fitzroy Shower Channel
Veitch Swan Shower Channel Veitch Fitzroy Shower Channel


Now you can opt for a stylish stainless steel shower channel. Available in a range of sleek, unobtrusive designs, Veitch solutions offer complete flexibility and customisation to suit your unique bathroom environment. They can be custom made to length, so the options are limitless!

Alternatively, why not consider a tile insert grate, where a piece of floor tile replaces the standard grill look. Only the edges are visible and the grate doesn’t become a focal point of the bathroom. These new drains are not only attractive, they open up a whole new world of possibilities for your shower or wet room design.


Bathroom vanities are no longer simply a space to store make-up and toiletries; they have moved up and become a worthy focal point of our bathroom spaces. Whether you’re designing a petite powder room, a master en-suite or a family bathroom, the vanity design can make or break the space. Consider the cabinetry material as well as the countertop – will you opt for affordable yet stylish laminate or something more lavish like granite or Corian? The devil is in the detail, so choose the handles carefully and make it your own.

Here are some of our favourite designs:

Wall-mounted vanities: Perfect for modern spaces and smaller powder rooms, these vanities seem to float above the ground to infuse a streamlined style. Kado from Reece embraces soft angles and sweeping lines to bring hotel-inspired luxury to your bathroom, without the hefty price tag. Feeling more adventurous with your lines? Mizo Bloc plays with geometric forms to bold effect.

Omvivo Venice Wall Hung Vanity Unit CIBO Tasca Full Vanity Unit
Omvivo Venice Wall Hung Vanity Unit CIBO Tasca Full Vanity Unit


Freestanding vanities: With the variety of designs and sizes available, freestanding vanities will suit any style. Think of it as furniture for the bathroom. For family bathrooms, we love the Posh Bristol 1500 vanity. Its classic, practical design means it will be able to withstand the demands of daily life. And there are enough drawers for everyone!

Custom-made vanities: While there are some fantastic off-the-shelf vanity designs, you can also have your own design created to suit your space.


We’ll admit it’s not the most exciting item on your to-buy list, but in smaller bathrooms especially, the toilet is an important consideration. There are some (dare we say it) attractive designs out there that will liven up your bathroom space. Not only do you need to think about which design will work best, but also how water efficient it is. After all, toilets account for about 20% of Australia’s water usage!

Concealed toilets: The beauty of a concealed toilet is that the cistern can be hidden in a wall cavity, roof space or under a vanity benchtop. Perfect for petite spaces or where sleek design is key. Even though only the pan is visible, all cistern components can be easily accessed via the button panel for easy servicing by your plumber.

AXA Uno Wall Hung Inwall Toilet Pan Caroma Pearl BTW Close Coupled Toilet Suite
AXA Uno Wall Hung Inwall Toilet Pan Caroma Pearl BTW Close Coupled Toilet Suite


Wall-faced (back-to-wall) toilets: Here, the back of the pan sits flush against the wall, creating a seamless finish and sleek look. The clincher of this design is that it prevents dust or dirt falling behind the toilet making it easier to clean. The Axa Uno celebrates this style in its entirety.

Close coupled toilets: Perfect for traditional bathrooms, the cistern is fitted directly to the pan to create a complete unit, without an unsightly flush pipe. Try the Roca Gap for a simple yet popular style where square meets round.

Connector or linked toilets: While they may look like close-coupled toilets, these suites give the most flexibility. They are effectively a two-piece system with a cistern and pan that is linked via a flush pipe, so the pan can sit further away from the cistern.

Heating options

Think that underfloor heating is a luxurious add-on for your bathroom? Think again. Not only is underfloor heating extremely affordable, it also has great practical benefits. Top of the list is its ability to prevent mould, especially in the shower where there is often water left in the base.

Stiebel Eltron available at Reece is an in-shower underfloor heating mat that helps to prevent mould by heating the shower base and drying the area quickly. It comes in a wide range of sizes to suit your space, complete with an easy to use controller.

Another budget-friendly heating option is heated towel rails. And let’s face it, there’s nothing that says home spa luxury like a toasty warm towel after your shower! Heated towel rails come in ever more daring designs, from wall-mounted rails to freestanding ladders like the Milli Edge. Looking to complement your Zen style? The Kado Cirque wall-mounted rail in matte black is perfectly chic.

Kado Cirque Heated Towel Rail Milli Edge Heated Wall Rail
Kado Cirque Heated Towel Rail Milli Edge Heated Wall Rail


Powder rooms

Space is often at a premium in powder rooms and en-suites, yet this doesn’t have to impact style and functionality – as we’ve shown in our bathroom blogs. Here’s out top tips:

  • Think about how the space will be used. For example, if it’s a guest bathroom or powder room, it’s not going to be used on a daily basis and so you can focus on creating a more luxurious feel. Think heated towel rails, beautiful accessories and candles.
  • Maximise space with wall-hung vanities, concealed toilets and sliding doors.
  • Invest in good storage to reduce visual clutter – mini vanities are a great option
  • Add mirrors to maximize light and the illusion of space, including full-length mirrors, mirrored tiles, and cabinet doors.
  • Double up in en-suites with double showerheads, basins and vanities.

You know what they say – the best things come in small packages!

CIBO Tasca Wall Hung Mini Vanity Unit CIBO Tasca500 Mini Vanity Unit
CIBO Tasca Wall Hung Mini Vanity Unit CIBO Tasca500 Mini Vanity Unit
Roca Meridian Back To Wall Close Coupled Toilet Suite Roca Gap Wall Basin
Roca Meridian Back To Wall Close Coupled Toilet Suite Roca Gap Wall Basin


Are you inspired with lots of ideas? Dowling Homes can help you bring these ideas together in your own dream bathroom. We’ll work with you to create a layout complete with fixtures and fittings that suit your lifestyle. Make an online enquiry or give us a call on 0409 829 871.

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