By Jan Dowling April 2nd, 2017. Comments Off on How To Create Your Forever Home

If you’ve got a humdrum home with a location that’s too good to leave, a renovation could be the answer to creating the home of your dreams.

Find inspiration with just a few of our favourite Before and After interior renovations –

Maybe you love the location of your home. Perhaps there are certain aspects inside your property you don’t want to leave behind. No house is perfect, but a renovation gives you an opportunity to create the home you’ll want to enjoy for years to come. Your forever home.

Picture those homes that you love.

Maybe it’s your best friend’s house, or a holiday home you stayed in once upon a time. It could be something you saw on Grand Designs. Now, think back to all those beautiful elements that make it a glorious interior. It could be the light, airy open plan living spaces, a luxurious walk-in wet room, or a generous kitchen with lots of hidden storage and the latest appliances. Maybe it’s not the uber-modern features, but the perfect balance of homeliness and spaciousness that you love.

A renovation lets you take all those desirable design features off your wish list and into reality. And in the process, you create a home that you’ll want to live in as long as possible.

Future-proof your home

With the right planning, an interior renovation can be a chance to future-proof your home. While you can create a head-turning design, there are certain elements you can include that will let the house adapt so you can grow old gracefully, without moving house. For example, you could add a lift to take you from the ground floor to the rooftop, and embrace a step-free, corridor-free layout.  It’s all about thinking ahead to the things that will simplify your life.

There are lots of ways to approach a renovation.

You can focus on tackling your trouble areas, such as transforming a cramped closed-off kitchen into a glorious entertaining space. Or you can completely revise the layout to create a home you will love for years to come. Tired living and dining rooms become a single flowing space for entertaining and living. A disused kids’ room offers the space you need to crate a luxurious master suite.

The best way to decide is to speak to us about your vision and budget – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out what’s possible.

Have you thought about extending too?

You don’t need to find two separate builders. Dowling Homes will take care of your renovation as well as your home extension. We have experience with heritage properties, so you can be sure any renovations and additions will be in harmony with the heritage you love.

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