By Jan Dowling January 15th, 2013. Comments Off on Dowling Homes – 8. Certification

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to info video number 7. If you’ve been following the story so far, in our last video we explained all the documentation that is required for the next step and this video explains that step which is certification.

A certifier is a person who is able to check all the documentation to make sure that the job is going to be done according to Australian codes and standards, as well as check all the bracing and structural elements of the build as well; concrete, footings, etc.

So the job of a certifier is now done in lieu of the council who used to do this process but it did take quite a long time. A certifier can usually get the certification done on a job between 5 and 10 working days.

And once we’ve got certification, there’s one more step involved to be able to be given full development approval and I’ll explain that one in our next info video.

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So I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes, bye for now.