By Jan Dowling February 13th, 2015. Comments Off on Energy Efficiency – The Smart Choice For Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you want to save money and energy at home.

But how?

To explain about energy efficiency and, more importantly, the advantages to you, we’ve created an Infographic that makes the hows and whys easy to understand.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

Energy Efficiency – The Smart Choice For Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

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So little things make a difference, like turning off the spare fridge in winter and hanging the clothes outside to dry. And consider choosing LED lighting – you’ll save money and energy – check out our blog post – LED lights in the Spotlight to know more.

And when it comes to your home extension or renovation, clever design using energy efficient building principles and products will save you money, save the planet and still give you the home you’ve been dreaming about.

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