By Jan Dowling February 4th, 2014. Comments Off on How To Fast Track Planning Approvals

Fast track planning…can it be true?

Does planning your home extension make your palms sweaty and your stomach flutter? Maybe just the thought of the planning approval process has been making you put the whole project on hold. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or have watched good friends age decades as a result of fraught experiences.

Here at Dowling Homes, it never fails to amaze us how something that should fill you with so much excitement and inspiration can sap all your energy before the construction process has even started.

That’s why we’ve designed a fast track planning approvals process. The idea is refreshingly simple, we think you’ll agree. In three easy steps, we’ll visit your home to discuss your design vision, give you a cost estimate and project scope, and complete the all-important Planning Services Agreement.

This last part is the important bit for your sanity. It means we’ll provide planning drawings suitable for lodging with your council, and we’ll lodge and pay for the council planning approval fees. You can get underway faster than you ever imagined and save time and money in the process! That’s more money to spend on some little luxuries for your dream extension…

Need a visual? Click on our infographic.

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