By Jan Dowling January 15th, 2013. Comments Off on From Bedroom to Ensuite Bathroom

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Here we are in the front of the property of our Mile End project; this is the second room back from the front but still an original room. The owners have asked for an ensuite and dressing room.

Their bedroom lies beyond this wall. So we’re going to be cutting a doorway into here and where I’m standing right now is a great dressing room, it’s enormous and every woman’s dream I’d say.

Off that, a doorway here that’s going to lead into once again a fairly large ensuite that will have a full-width shower across this end, a double vanity, so we have to raise this window up so we can get the vanity in, and toilet in the corner. And the owners have also asked to have underfloor heating built in within this, on top of this slab before the tiling happens.

And part of the renovation process which is part of the service we provide at Dowling Homes is to do the renovating side of things. This lovely old original chimney has to go unfortunately and the room will be squared off in the corner. But you can just get a bit of an idea as to the workmanship that was put into the design of chimneys in the turn of the century. A nice bit of history there.

So this is going to look really good, it’ll be a lovely, modern ensuite, great size dressing room leading straight off the bedroom. So that’s the internal alteration at the front of this property. We’ll keep you up to speed with the progress and look forward to you watching further videos on this project.

I’m Kym, Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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