By Jan Dowling October 18th, 2014. Comments Off on How to get a gorgeous laundry that really works

Do you realise that your laundry has the potential to be a functional and glamorous space? That’s right, a laundry can be a beautiful room that you enjoy spending time in. It all comes down to some smart design and a little bit of love.

If you’ve been watching The Block Glasshouse, you will have ooohed and ahhhed at the amazing laundry rooms designed by the contestants – proof that it is possible to create a laundry space with “wow” factor. The good news is that you can achieve this without spending thousands on solid benchtops, luxury cabinetry and fittings.

The trick with any laundry design is to maximise the efficiency of the space. Above all, your laundry room needs ample storage and room to make clothes sorting, washing, folding and ironing a breeze. With the right planning, it can even become a grooming centre for your furry friends!

Whether you’re building a new laundry room or refreshing an existing one, here are some design ideas and inspiration to create a functional, efficient and beautiful space:

Storage for every space

When we design your laundry space, we think about how to customise it so it’s just right for you, to give you the storage you need. Depending on its size, you might want to include somewhere to store dirty laundry, a cabinet to hide detergents, pet accessories and other items. One of the current trends in laundry room storage is easy to hang wall shelving, which is a great way to add open storage without busting your budget.

The good news is there are some great laundry basket designs on the market to suit every space. In a more compact laundry, a tilt door with either a side or bottom-mounting basket is ideal as it reduces the space required for tracks and slide-out mechanisms. If you have the luxury of space, go for a pull out double laundry hamper (one for colours, one for whites) built-in and designed to conceal the dirty clothes. A pull-out drying rack is also a great option to air-dry delicates and hang clean shirts straight from the dryer. Alternatively, think about a hanging rail above the laundry trough for drip dries and freshly pressed shirts.


Bench space is a must-have in a large family laundry as it provides a smooth surface for folding clothes. Choose from the range of affordable Laminex and Formica decors which are both stylish and durable. For those who want to indulge, why not opt for stone tops – super practical and oozing good looks. Space allowing, consider varying bench heights for different jobs.


If there’s one thing every laundry must have it’s a large trough or sink. This can provide space to wash and groom pets, as well as soak muddy clothes. The best designs we’ve seen have a removable bench over the sink to provide extra bench space too. Genius…

Ironing station

Ironing may well be the least popular of all household chores, but having a well-designed dedicated ironing space makes it all the more appealing. Consider integrating a fold-out ironing board near your washing appliances. While you’re there, add in an iPod station so you can enjoy some tunes while you iron. You’ll never put it off again…

Walls and floors

Laundry rooms are filled with potential to be a bright and stylish space and no longer need to be the most boring room in the house. Why not add some bright accent colours and contrasting textures to your laundry room, just as you would in your bathroom? Timber, grey and soft white hues are a classic choice, with cool metal accents for striking contrast. When it comes to your floor and splashback, tiles are ideal for creating a cool environment while also being both durable and easy to clean. Mix things up with gloss and matt tiles for textural interest.

Lighten up

Chores are a breeze when you have a well-lit, bright room. And consider a half or full glass door for natural light and easy access to the clothesline. Also consider task lighting, such as under cabinet spotlights for certain work zones.

Overhead, an oversized pendant will add effortless style and personality to your space. Ideally, you should have at least one window for ventilation, as this will help prevent mould and mildew. These are the little things that can lift an ordinary laundry to the extraordinary. If you need inspiration, we love this laundry room by Michael and Carlene on The Block Glasshouse. Seriously, who knew a laundry room could be so sexy?

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