By Jan Dowling August 23rd, 2013. Comments Off on Having trouble choosing doors?

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes. A lot of people have trouble selecting the right door system for their home and quite often ask our advice on which way they should go.

Doors basically fall into three categories. Ones that open out or in, others that slide or stack and the third category is bi-folding doors, or commonly known as café doors.

This is our renovation project at Parkside and I thought it would be a great opportunity with our church to feature some of the door systems put in place here, and one is opening doors, French doors.

Now French doors open out. Double doors open inwards. So this gives you the opportunity to open up a fairly small area to have that flow-through entertaining look. So this is the first option: opening doors – French doors opening out or double doors opening inwards.

This is the second door system we have. These are café doors or bi-folding doors. Many of you have probably seen this type of door system because it’s very, very popular nowadays and they usually concertina back to one side. We’ve got ours going back to both sides so that what these achieve is the true indoor-outdoor feel.

What better way to enjoy the summer evenings and entertaining than to open the whole area up, giving you this massive flow-through area and watching the stars at night, it’s just beautiful to have this type of door system.

This is one of our sites at Malvern where we’re almost at handover stage, which is very exciting for the owners and us as well, but we have a really good example of stacking doors. Now stacking doors can come in various finishes. We have natural anodised as this example. They’re also available in timber.

The beauty about stacking doors is they are so easy to use. It’s just a case of sliding the panels back each side and that reveals the inside to outside, which is very popular nowadays.

The good thing about these doors is that they can easily have fly screens incorporated within the system. The aluminium tracks are increased and the screen doors act the same way as the glass doors. That’s a good advantage with stacking doors, very, very practical, simple to use.

This is one of our sites here at Westbourne Park where we’ve had installed a set of bi-folding or café doors as they’re commonly known as nowadays. These doors are also available in aluminium or timber and these have been done in western red cedar that the owners have chosen to paint these. They look quite contrasting against the red brickwork.

So these doors fall back to one side and I’ll show you how they operate. The doors themselves lock from the inside and it’s simply a case of undoing the locks, pushing them open, and the doors can then concertina back to one side.

Now the advantages of café doors as opposed to stacking doors is that they take up very little room so it gives you almost the whole opening of what you’re planning to do from inside to out, opens it right up. The doors go back to one side. They can go back to both sides but normally they go back to one side so it’s taking up very little room.

I suppose you really need to weigh up what you really want in your door system. Bi-folds are very, very popular simply because they can open up a whole area. It really does depend on what is going to suit your home.

So you can have French doors that open in or out, a wall of glass with a single opening door and if you have a courtyard, from a bathroom you can have translucent glass to give you privacy. And the all-time favourite café doors to open up the whole house for parties, barbecues or simply enjoying the warm summer nights.

Give me a call if you’d like to chat. We’re more than happy to help because that’s what we do. I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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