By Jan Dowling July 20th, 2015. Comments Off on Home Extension Semaphore Park

Have you been thinking about underfloor heating for your new extension?  Want to know what it looks like?  Kym talks you through it in this video of the beginning stage of a home extension Semaphore Park and you can see what underfloor heating looks like before we pour the slab.

Home Extension Semaphore Park

This is video three of four for the project.  To see the demolition of this project, watch video 2.

Here’s a transcription of video 3:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our project here at Semaphore Park.

We’re right at the stage of pouring concrete.  That’s going to happen tomorrow. We’ve got great weather for it which is a bonus; and have a look at the size of this baby – 18 metres of build area; 14 of which are living area, a couple of bathrooms, an en suite, a dressing room and a really kick-ass four and a half metre alfresco area. This is going to be just the build to look for. It’s fantastic; we’re really excited about it.

We’ve just had the underfloor heating elements laid in the living area, and that’s something that’s a little bit special about this project, and also polished concrete. This whole area, the living area and the al fresco are all going to be done in polished concrete. We get really excited about that stuff because it’s just a beautiful look.  Watch our video to find out more about polished concrete floors.

Just giving you a very short little video of a very popular way of heating your home nowadays and that’s underfloor heating. Now this is an electrical system and you might be able to pick up there – that’s the orange cabling that acts as a loop and that sits below the concrete surface and, as I said, an electric system which gives you a very gentle radiating heat. Very popular nowadays, very energy efficient as well, and something you may want to consider for your build, and it’s not as costly as it used to be.  A system like this – this one here is about 110 square metres – is about $6,000.00.  It might seem a fairly big outlay, but the running costs over the years will be dramatically reduced if teaming that up with reverse cycle air conditioning.  You’ll halve the costs there. So it doesn’t take long to actually make that money up and it’s just a lovely climate to live in.  So that’s underfloor heating, have a think about it and perhaps you might want to do that for your build.

So tomorrow’s concrete pouring day and once the grinding machines are in here to reveal the true colour of the concrete, we’ll show you some more video footage.

If this is something you are looking at doing on the back of your home then we’re more than happy to help out.  Pop on our website, and we make it really easy to just fill out a request, that form appears on every page of the website.  We make it really easy. We can make it happen and we can do it quickly.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.  Bye for now.

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