By Jan Dowling May 9th, 2014. Comments Off on Home Extensions Adelaide Client Testimonial

Here’s a transcription of the video:

I love the kitchen.  I love the bench – the fact that the dining room is all open.  I particularly love the walk-in pantry.  I love my new bathroom.  I mean, I love everything and there’s not one thing I’d fault.

Oh wow!  It’s just given me much more of an open area to be in, particularly in terms of the kitchen dining room area and the lead in to the al fresco area and the outside.  It’s just modernised everything and given the whole place just a sense of freshness and newness, and it’s just very unique I think for houses like this to combine the blend of the old with the new and the flow through is quite seamless.  So it’s been better than I had ever imagined.

I would thoroughly recommend Dowling Homes to any of the people that I know.

It was exceptionally easy.  I’d been warned by a lot of people that renovating would be a very challenging experience to go through, and I sort of entered into it with a little bit of trepidation, particularly in view of the fact that I was going to be living here for the six months of the build.  But, apart from the fact that, you know, having no kitchen was a slight inconvenience, because there was just me here it was quite an easy process overall, and everything moved ahead on time.

I’d previously had a very bad experience with another builder and subsequently did an internet search and your website came up.  I explored your website, had a look at all the other jobs that were on that website, and I was very impressed with what I felt was very good workmanship.  I was also impressed with the fact that you appeared to be a South Australian owned family business and I thought that that would be something to support, but also had a good feel about the website, and yourself, in terms of what I saw and subsequently gave you a call.

When you came down to meet with me, yourself and Jan, I was just very impressed with the way you conducted your business at that point, and we went from there.

Because this is a single fronted, return verandah cottage, it was very closed in and the area, particularly in relation to the kitchen and dining room, was very boxed in and very unfriendly from the point of view of being able to prepare food in the kitchen, and if I had guests in the dining room there was a big wall that blocked that out.  So I really wanted to open it up and get much more of a flow through and also particularly bring the outdoors in more than I had available to me at the point prior to the renovation commencing.

You communicate really well, particularly in terms of if there’s any questions.  There’s emails backwards and forwards, and nothing seems to be too much trouble.  You’re available various hours of the day, which was useful.

The tradespeople were very respectful of me in terms of me living here, and I found the process not at all challenging.

I’ve had a lot of very positive comments about each individual trade from neighbours and other people that have come here that have been friends of mine that have some experience with the building game, and they can’t fault the workmanship.

I would thoroughly recommend Dowling Homes to any of the people that I know.

I haven’t had a linen press for twenty years, so to have all of this extra storage space has just been fantastic.

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