By Jan Dowling August 10th, 2013. Comments Off on Home Extensions Clarence Park 3

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.

Welcome to our project here at Clarence Park. This is video number three of our build here. I hope you’ve caught up with the previous video which explained the staged process of this build.

We’re doing a smaller build to start with, and we’re doing a larger build further down the track.  In addition to that, we’ve already completed the renovating phase internally -a brand new bathroom which we’ll show you at another point in time. We’ve also now got a new roof, that’s been completely replaced plus this lovely new addition area – a lovely bedroom, hallway and laundry, and this has been designed so that when the stage two build happens this window will be removed and that becomes the continuation of the new hallway added to the new living area with kitchen, dining – it’s going to be a great project – a very big build at the end of the day, and here we are – we started this project – the build side of it – seven weeks ago.  We’re now at lockup stage and we’re just in the process of organising the linings internally – plasterboard with the ceilings and walls and texture coat — that will all happen this week.  We’ve really been pushing this job forward, and it’s been a really rewarding experience to see it track so well.

If this is something you’re looking at doing on your property, please pop on our website  or have a look at our Facebook — we’ve got plenty of information on our blog page on the website – that’s full of articles and video testimonies and video work that’s been finished — you’ll be absolutely gobsmacked by the amount of information that’s available.  Or give us a call on our mobile.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.  Bye for now.

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