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Home Extensions Clarence Park: finished bungalow extensions

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.

Welcome to our project here at Clarence Park.  We’re right at the very end of this project now and we’re planning on handing over next week.  We hope you’ve had the opportunity to look at video 1  video 2  and  video 3  of this project.

This is a renovation project plus extensions at the back that I’ll show you shortly.

The renovating component required us to do complete replacing of the fascia boards at the top, re-painting the whole property, new ceiling in the verandah and we’ve got a brand new roof.  That was the renovating part of this project, and we’ve also completely re-painted inside as well.

And what a difference – it looks a million dollars. It’s got a real stately appearance now, so it’s very rewarding to see the before and after results. And I’ll just take you inside to show you the addition part of the project.

This is the stage one part of the additions to this property here at Clarence Park – we’ve done a small hallway leading out from the back door and we’ve added a laundry and a really good size one as well, plenty of storage space, lovely cabinets and that has turned out really well compared to what the owners had beforehand.  And this is the renovated bathroom, and once again a great improvement on what was here beforehand.  We’ve got beautiful tile selection that the owners chose, underfloor heating – which is another bonus for doing these bathrooms and that’s something that you can do very economically.  We’ve got a strip drain and our frameless shower screens with a  lovely water head at the top, and LED lighting which is not only energy efficient, but also beautiful.  And this is great; this is a retractable hose for bathing the little ones and perhaps doing your Elvis impersonation at the same time, so there’s a lovely little feature that is great to use. We’ve got a great exhaust system at the top which the owners have designed themselves; that’s beautiful!  So this is the after shot of this bathroom, it’s fantastic. We really love this transformation.

And this is the rear addition of this project here at Clarence Park. This is the stage one build –constructed in light weight cladding then rendered.

The intention is down the track the owners want to build onto this again, so this is all been carefully designed so that that the stage two build can be done as simply as possible. This window here that was at the rear of the little hallway I showed you earlier will become the opening to a new kitchen plus a new living/ dining area; so it’s been very carefully thought out, and that’s what we can do here at Dowling Homes; we can stage the build to suit your budget.  We can do the renovating – we can do whatever it is you need to make your dream reality.

This is the stage one; laundry, hallway and bedroom. So this gets the owners to a point where they’re comfortable for the time being with their little child and that gives them the extra room now, and down the track will be the bigger build.

So visit our website fill out one of our Request a Quote sections, and we can get back to you about your enquiry within 48 hours. We’ve also got a fantastic blog, probably the most extensive one for any builder in South Australia. There’s heaps and heaps of design ideas and videos of our work in progress and past jobs and it’s very informative. We’ve also got a great Facebook Page as well, so take some time to have a look at that.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.  Bye for now.

You can also view Home Extensions Clarence Park video 4 on our YouTube channel