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Home Extensions in Maylands with solid timber floors

A seamless transition from old to new in Home Extensions in Maylands –video 4.

This stunning rear home extension will  provide the space, layout and functionality that will undoubtedly meet the practical needs of this busy family, now and well into the future.

Home Extensions in Maylands with solid timber floors

Timber floors in Cypress pine are being laid at the moment.  Fashion proof and beautiful, they’ll add unique character to this home.  Plus they’re healthy, durable and easy to maintain – and that’s a must!

Watch the video to see what this project looks like inside now, and keep an eye on the blog – we’ll show you the story right along the way to the very end.

You can see all the videos of this project on our blog.  Here’s a link to the last video.

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi Everyone.

Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our Maylands project.

These are the additions that we have done for the owners, and they called Dowling Homes because they wanted something really special.  They had an existing lean to area that had a rather small, dated kitchen/family and bathroom area and we demolished that, started on the additions and if you saw our last video, we were at brickwork stage then and that showcased the beautiful brickwork that we had done, and the roof that we had done as well.

Now that the roof’s on, we’re doing the internal fit out, and as I explained it was built in solid masonry, so we’ve had all this plaster applied to the walls.  We’ve now got the cornices – these beautiful ornate cornices that the owners have selected and they’re now in place – ceilings in place obviously and now we’re at the stage of laying the floor.  Now this is not Baltic pine – this is a timber that we recommended that the owners have a look at.  It’s called Cypress pine.  It’s got a lot of similar characteristics as Baltic pine and the beauty about it is that it’s a lot harder, and also termite proof as well.  Termite resistant, I should say.  So another benefit in choosing this particular timber.

And this is the kitchen/dining/living area and the kitchen cabinets are going to be a beautiful piece of work.  Almost 8 metres long, from wall to wall.  They’re going to be traditional looking cabinets, 2 pack with a lot of detailed work on them and stone tops, naturally, plus a really long island unit.  The kitchen’s going to travel across the existing cellar, so we’ve had to redesign this whole cellar access point so that it doesn’t interfere with the cupboards.  So that’s this area, but it does get better, I’m going to show you these million dollar wet rooms.

The owners have asked that we tile floor to ceiling and 3.4 metres high.  These tiles are called Carrara – nice polished porcelain tiles and they go to the ceilings in all the wet areas.  I’m standing in the laundry at the moment but the tiles go floor to ceiling in all the wet areas including the toilet that has its own little vanity unit and in the bathroom as well.  So what a fantastic look.  The owners are absolutely delighted with the way it’s all coming up.

Added to the extension of this property, is what’s very popular nowadays, and that is to convert an existing room into a master suite, so it’s back from the front of the house, and then utilising the area behind it to do a dressing room and en suite bathroom.  But I’ll wait until the next video to show you how this all gets fitted out.  It’s a really lovely job.  It’s really rewarding to see such detail go into these types of builds, to just go back to a more traditional type of format.  We love doing it.

If this is something you’d love to do on your property, get on the website.  Fill out an enquiry form.  It’s as easy as that.  We can get back to you very quickly.  And even if you just want to have a chat, give me a call.  We make it easy at Dowling Homes.

I’m Kym Dowling.  Bye for now.

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