By Jan Dowling June 17th, 2014. Comments Off on Home Extensions in Prospect

We’re back at Prospect

Watch Home Extensions in Prospect video 3.  The roof’s on now and the thermal wrapping’s been done.  The concrete bricks you can see in the video are a great base for the textured finish we’re using on the exterior here.

We’ve put images through the video of what the house looked like before so you can see the difference.

Keep watching the blog – we’ll show you the progress on this project at Prospect from beginning to end – here’s links to video 1 and video 2.

Here’s a transcription of video 3 of Home Extensions in Prospect:

Hi Everyone.  Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.

Our Prospect project is rocketing ahead.  A fortnight later from our last video, the roof is now on and the thermal wrapping’s been done.  We’re doing the brickwork right at this very moment.  These are concrete bricks – great as a base for the acrylic texture finishes that are very popular nowadays.  It gives you that old cement and sand rendered finish without the problems associated with shrinking and cracking.  The acrylic finishes are really great.

We’re very proud of the progress we’ve done to date.  We’ve got these lovely columns here that are going to be the support for the al fresco out the back.  So this is going to be a really top notch build.  Bearing in mind, what we showed you in our earlier videos was a lovely restored four front rooms of the property, but a very tired lean to area out the back that had a kitchen, bathroom and laundry in it.  That’s all gone now and this is what’s taking its place – a great combined kitchen/living/dining area and great sized wet areas with this al fresco on the back.

We’re very happy with the progress on this project, and if this is something you’re looking at doing, hop on the website, check out our blog – it’s got all the good stuff in it – and make an enquiry.  It’s as easy as that!  Simply make an enquiry on the website or give us a phone call.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.  Bye for now.

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