By Jan Dowling July 20th, 2015. Comments Off on Home Extensions In Semaphore Park.

Semaphore Park Home Extensions.

Welcome to the first video of our new project at Semaphore Park.  (To follow the progress of this project through to the end sign up for our monthly newsletter.)

This is going to look amazing.  We’ve got another lovely old villa to work with, on an enormous block, down by the sea.

A rear extension with polished concrete floors and underfloor heating.

We’ll be adding a new bathroom, ensuite, walk in robe, separate toilet, laundry, kitchen, walk in pantry, dining, living area and alfresco, and all the living areas and al fresco will have polished concrete floors.

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone Kym Dowling here from Dowling homes and welcome to our latest project here at Semaphore Park.  A lovely old villa right by the seaside and on top of that a huge block for us to work with.

The owners have asked us to build a large rear addition. We’re going to strip out this existing lean to area; we’re going to keep the side walls this time because they’re in really good condition. So why knock them down when we can simply build onto them? We’re going to strip out the rear lean to which contains an old bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry and what’s going to be built from the back here will be a new bathroom, ensuite, walk in robe, separate toilet, laundry, kitchen, walk in pantry, dining, living area and al fresco.

This is going to be a super build.  It’s going to go out approximately 13 metres from the back end here and this is going to look just beautiful. On top of that the internal alterations; we can use that area for the laundry, bathroom and ensuite with a dressing room that’s going to lead straight off their main bedroom in the original part of the house.

So this is going to be an all in one beautiful addition. The finishes are going to be up-spec’d as well. Polished concrete going right through the living, kitchen and dining area and in the two bathrooms, they’re going to have underfloor heating as well so this is just going to be a beautiful spec job and its going to look a million dollars.

We look forward to showing you some more footage of this beautiful addition here at Semaphore Park and if this is like something you would like to do please look at our website.  We’ve got a great blog on there as well. Make an enquiry; we can make it happen for you.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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