By Jan Dowling June 19th, 2013. Comments Off on Home Extensions Malvern

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.

Its eight o’clock on judging day. We’ve got HIA coming any moment now to critique this build that we’ve done for customers in Malvern and we’re very, very happy with the end result and we hope the judges will be too.

This project will be submitted later in the year for the Awards and we describe this project as organic glamour. It’s just got that natural element about the style of the build and plus its got that little bit of glamour, that little bit of chic, little bit of modern that just gives it that WOW factor.

So we’re very, very happy with the end result.

I’m sure you’ve seen numerous blogs and videos on this project so I’m not going to go through a run down of the job again – I’ll let the video work speak for itself about this beautiful project here at Malvern.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

You can also view our Home Extensions Malvern video on our YouTube channel