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Home extensions Maylands. Home additions Maylands.

In video 2 of this project in Maylands our home extensions Adelaide team goes to work on demolishing the old rear lean to section. We’re reinforcing the cellar to protect it during the construction phase. Watch as Kym steps his way through the project.

In case you missed video 1 – you can catch up by watching that video on this page.

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone.

Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.  This is video number two of our project here at Maylands.

We’ve been asked to do rear end additions on the back of a lovely villa, and the first video described what we were going to do as far as the build goes.

This one is to show you the demolition phase.  We’re into day four now.  There was quite a lot of material to remove.  We’ve cut through the house – typically this is what we do, leaving the back end.  That’s now been all protected so that we don’t get any rain going inside.

Each job is a little bit different.  This one has a cellar that the owners want to retain, so we’ve had to do some slight engineering alterations to protect the cellar.  We don’t want to disturb it in any way, so we’re going to reinforce that with concrete and that’s what we do with our home extensions.  We do something different to every single job, but that’s what we specialise in.  There are technicalities as far as tying into existing footings into the back end of the house.  These are all the things that a lot of people don’t recognise I guess, but as specialists with building work, this is what we are used to, and that’s what we can do.

So we look forward to catching up with our next video, which will show the whole structure and if that’s something you’d like to do, please feel free to visit our website – fill in a Request a Quotation section – that’s very easy to do and we can then follow that up with a phone call and discuss what we can do for you as well.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.

Bye for now.

You can also view our Home Extensions Maylands video on our YouTube channel