By Jan Dowling May 14th, 2014. Comments Off on Home Extensions Maylands. Solid brick extensions to villa with full height ceilings, cellar and al fresco

Welcome back to our Maylands project.

This is video number 3.

The first video described the brief, and video 2 showed the demolition and the start of the digging of the footings.

Now the roof’s on, the brickworks done, the beautiful bespoke timber windows are in place and the cellar has been encased in concrete. 1st fix electrical and plumbing are underway.

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling homes and welcome back to our Maylands project.  This is video number 3.

The last video showed the demolition and the start of the digging of the footings on this project and lot has happened since then – we’ve now got the brickwork done. This is solid brick by the way, there’s no stud walls anywhere in this particular project. The owners were insistent on having solid brick so that’s been a fairly lengthy task for our bricky and we’ve now got this beautiful joinery that’s been installed that matches the existing windows of the house, lots of lovely detail in these windows. The joiners have done a beautiful job and the owners of course are delighted with the end result.

Added to that we’ve now got the roof on and that’s a great milestone for a building project because it now means that with the cover on the build we can now focus on getting all the internal trade work done.

We are now in the stage of doing first fix electrical and plumbing and we’re now getting to the point of engaging our plasterer.  Because its solid brick there is going to be a lot of plastering inside on this job.

So the room configuration is laundry, bathroom, ensuite, dressing room.  We’ve got kitchen, living, dining area and this beautiful alfresco. It’s going to have some Hebel clad columns; three of those supporting this rear verandah.

What a lovely job, lovely tall ceilings, and I might add, the owners once again wanted to have floor to ceiling tiles so we’re going to have Carrara marble tiles going floor to ceiling, 3.4 metre ceiling height, and that will be in both bathrooms and the laundry and the powder room, so this is going to look a million dollars.

Just before we go I couldn’t leave without showing you the cellar. I mentioned that in a previous video. The cellar here is an original part of the old build and we have built around this cellar, fully encasing it with concrete to make sure it’s there forever and that’s going to be a great little storage area for the new extension.

The kitchen is going to travel through on this side, the kitchen layout, so we’ve got to now put a new floor in there and the hatch will be where the stairs are there at that point.

Also, I thought it would be good to point out the framework within the addition area.  It’s certainly a far cry from what they did back in the good old days. This has got an awful lot of timber on it and also the roof pitch is at 45 degrees, so it’s very tall, almost 4.3 metres.  So the trusses, to get them on site, had to be made in 2 parts, so very impressive.

So I thought it would be good to just show you those 2 little snapshots of this job here at Maylands.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes, bye for now.

You can also view this video of Home Extensions Maylands on our YouTube channel