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Home Extensions Myrtle Bank. Home Additions Myrtle Bank.

We hope you enjoy Home Extensions Myrtle Bank 3 from our home extensions Adelaide team.  Watch as Kym walks you through the extensions and renovations we’ve done on this project.

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone.

Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our third and final video of our project here at Myrtle Bank, and what a transformation.

I hope you’ve caught up on video 1 and video 2 that showed the journey of this project. What was a fairly 70’s type addition has been transformed into this beautiful 2013 addition.

And I thought it’d be great to start at the back because this is my favourite bit. What a lovely alfresco area.  Summer’s just about around the corner and I just can’t imagine how great it’s going to feel for the owners to be able to sit back on a sunny afternoon and just enjoy a glass of wine and just soak in this beautiful area. But I’m going to show you more inside, so come on through.

It all starts here in this combined kitchen/living/dining area, and we’re so thrilled with the end result. The previous addition had very low ceilings; now we’ve lifted the whole addition up, extended it out about a metre. We’ve got a great catering sized kitchen with plenty of storage. We’ve even got a walk in pantry that is fantastic. And believe it or not, this was the original toilet of the home, so that’s been completely changed.

Across there we have the dining area, great café doors leading out to that beautiful alfresco and across this side is the living area that’s got plenty of space to kick back on an afternoon and watch the telly. And I’ll show you more as we go through the rest of this build.

Come on through and I’m going to show you the renovation side of this project. It all starts with this hallway here. The earlier design of this build was three steps down.  We’ve increased the whole height of this addition to only one step which has made it so much more user friendly. This whole area including the hallway and living/kitchen/dining area was all slate.  That’s all been removed; beautiful hardwood floorboards are now in their place. This hallway has been completely upgraded. And as we move through into this room here, this is a bit of a surprise, believe it or not, this room was the original kitchen. Had bench tops on this side with a servery that led out to the old addition area; that’s all been filled in now and this is a great bedroom four.

Part of the addition side of this project was to increase the size of the build by building about one point five metres out from their original side wall. That’s enabled us to put in this stunning laundry with great storage space, under bench washer and dryer, ceramic basin for the laundry trough and the added little bonus here is a separate little WC room so that that’s introduced another toilet to the property which is great for a big family.  So this is the laundry.

The last part to this project is out the back here and follow me down.  The owners originally had a very large steel workshop in the backyard that they wanted to get rid of to give themselves some more room.  So where have we put the shed?  Right into the build area. And I’ll just pan inside there quickly, just to show you that we can even incorporate a workshop into our build areas. Bench, storage, works really well.

So if you’ve enjoyed Home Extensions Myrtle Bank 3 and this is something you’re looking at doing on your property; if you’re after a home addition or home renovation, jump on our website  We have a Request a quote on every one of our pages and they’re easy to fill out. We also have a fantastic blog which gives you plenty of information, videos and design tips and we also have a great Facebook page for you to visit as well.

Look forward to your enquiry.  I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes, bye for now.

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