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Home Extensions Netley 1950’s brick home renovations plus extensions

See what our Home Extensions Adelaide team will be busy doing to this property at Netley.  As well as the extensions, we’ll be doing major renovations.  Watch as Kym describes the extent of the work that will transform this property.

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.

Welcome to our video – home extensions Netley 1950’s brick home renovations plus extensions – our new project, and this is going to be a major renovation.  And unlike a lot of other projects we do that involve character homes, this is a contemporary home.  The owners just love where they are – they love the convenience of the area, they’ve got close ties to the community, so they’ve decided “We want to make this house a home” and that’s what we’re going to do for them.

Also in this video, we’ll show you the extent of the renovations.

We’re going to completely renovate most of the inside of the home.  We’re building a laundry and study in this corner where I’m standing now and in the front corner of the home we’re going to be doing a side en suite bathroom as well.

But the main object of this project is to give the owners a new bedroom because they’ve  got a child on the way and also to increase the living area just make it a lot more user friendly.  This is going to be a real transformation. It’s certainly going to change their lives and make it just a lovely place to live in.

We’re going to start with the front living area which is going to turn into their bedroom and from that bedroom we’ll be accessing the side en suite. Behind that is the kitchen area. We’ve got a very large load bearing wall between the kitchen and the rear living area – that’s going to be completely removed to give them this lovely open plan kitchen, living, dine. The wet areas are really due for an upgrade, so we’re going to be re-configuring the bathroom that’s behind me now, making that bigger by pulling out some internal walls, we’re going to take the laundry out completely, alter the hallway. There will be a new laundry here and a separate study as well going right out to these sliding doors.

And on top of that we’re getting rid of the flat roof aspect that was done probably in the sixties, and we’re going to remove all the roof tiles and make the whole place under main roof with new Colorbond sheeting.

So as you can probably appreciate this is going to be a transformation – much greater than work that we typically do with rear end additions. This is going to transform almost all the house and I look forward to you seeing the progress of this build because it’s going to be a very rewarding journey for us. And if this is something that you would like to do, because we do specialise in renovations at Dowling Homes, look at our website – – please look at Facebook Page – that’s got lots of up to date what’s happening at the moment type information and on the website, our blog which will give you a lot of information regarding the latest trends in the marketplace – where to choose them from, and also lots of videos of work that we’re doing at the moment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video – Home Extensions Netley 1950’s brick home renovations plus extensions, and look forward to catching up soon.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.

Bye for now.

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