By Jan Dowling December 3rd, 2013. Comments Off on Home Extensions Netley – video 2

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our project here at Netley.

This is video number 2. I hope you’ve had a chance to look at video 1 which explains the extensive renovations and extensions we’re doing here.

We’re basically touching most of the inside and altering it to suit a brand new layout and we’re removing the tiled roof and reroofing the whole house in Colorbond. We’re doing two extensions and we’re now at brickwork stage.

This is one of those extensions that has created a new study and laundry for the owners.  That’s the first part and I’ll show you the second extension around the side.

This is the second addition on this property at Netley. We’ve built in a corner of the existing home, and built this great ensuite bathroom that’s going to be accessible from what was originally a lounge room, and that’s now going to become their main bedroom. So this is the second part of this renovation project here at Netley.

This is the other side of the bathroom and we’ve cut a hole in the wall that is going to be a doorway through to that ensuite area. We’re going to fill in what was the original gas fire, so this becomes the main bedroom and the doors in front of me here are going to be in filled as well. So a really good size bedroom.

Here was the original kitchen and the plan here is to remove this external double brick wall that’s going to open up this whole rear area to create a new kitchen and the very popular open kitchen, living, dining room all tiled in beautiful porcelain tiles.

And this is the family room; part of this renovation project is to lift these walls to the existing ceiling height in the original part of the home. So we’re going up approximately 3 courses of bricks and in doing so we’re going to remove these, well, rather dated feature beams, so it’s going to be one flat ceiling going all the way through into the kitchen.  It’s going to be a great transformation.

And finally, I’m standing in what was the original bathroom.  And you can see where the wall has been removed, so it was a very tiny bathroom. There was another wall here that had a separate toilet. So what we’re going to do is continue the main hallway line right through.  So we’ve then got from the front of the house right through to the back, the beautiful front to back perspective, and this is the area that will also require us to put in an additional window. So this is the last component.   There are many more elements to this build, but we’ll show you them down the track with some further video footage.

If this is the type of renovation or addition that you’re looking for, please pop on our website and fill out one of our request a quote sections.  It’s very easy to do and we can get back to you and have a chat about your building project and follow it up from there. Also take a moment to have a look at our Facebook Page, there’s lots of information available and also our blog; one of the most comprehensive blogs of any builder in South Australia.  There’s plenty of design tips, videos of work that were working on at the moment and it’s just got full of information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.

Bye for now.

You can also view Home Extensions Netley video 2 on our YouTube channel