By Jan Dowling July 21st, 2014. Comments Off on Home Extensions Ovingham on a Sloping Block

Is your property on a sloping block? If you have an elevated site, you might think a home extension is going to be more trouble and cost more than it’s worth. That’s where we come in, as this second video of the split-level addition we designed for our customers at Ovingham shows.

We really enjoyed this project.  Our customers have been such a pleasure to work with and they’re delighted with the results as you can see here.

“We’re getting our own little grand design without any of the cost overruns”

Here’s  video 1 so you can see what the block was like before we went three levels up.  See just how much space can be added to even a narrow, sloping block.

A split-level solution to home extension on a hill

The narrow build area for this particular project rose about 1.4 metres, so we got creative and designed a perfect split-level solution. The addition starts in a lobby area with enormous full height storage cupboards at the floor level.  Beautiful solid timber floors and crisp off white walls really add to the light and cheery feel.

Four steps up the hallway and we’re in a lovely light, bright bedroom with a wall of double glazed windows.

Up the hallway three more steps and we’re in a stunning study and office with beautiful leafy views.

Huge picture windows in the office were designed to make use of the northern light. Double glazing and floor to ceiling glass mean that in the winter they get wonderful sunlight and the room has a lovely bright, airy feel to it. Double glazing is also fantastic for noise reduction – perfect if you need that peace and quiet to concentrate!

Extra storage space

A bigger home needs more storage and this was a top priority for us when we were designing the addition. We made use of all the available space with tall linen storage cupboards which rise all the way to the ceiling, and overhead units. This allows our customers to get as much storage space as possible without compromising on floor space.

Skillion roofs – trendy and practical for home extensions

Skillion roofs are sloping roofs and they have a number of advantages for projects like these. As well as being economical, which is always a bonus, they are easy to tie in without having to interfere with the existing structure.

Skillion roofs can be angled in one or two directions. The roof is angled both ways on this project, with the lobby area going one way and the other rooms going the opposite way for a very modern and edgy result.

Every home and every family is unique.  We built this beautiful extension especially to suit this family’s budget and lifestyle.

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