By Jan Dowling January 31st, 2014. Comments Off on Home Extensions Ovingham Split Level Rear Additions

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.

Welcome to 2014 and this is our first project to start for the year.

What’s here now is a very charming old bungalow in Ovingham – a very near city suburb of Adelaide and surrounded by really lovely suburbs as well.

We’ll be doing a very up to date side and rear addition here, and we’re very excited about this project.

What we’re going to do is build to the boundary about 14  metres long and we’re coming out from the existing laundry of the house that will lead to a lobby area.

Now the interesting thing is this is going to be not only a split level slab, it’s going to be over three levels. So we come out of the lobby which is at floor level, we’re going to then go up three steps to what’s going to be a hallway and additional bedroom because the owners need the extra room – it’s a bit tight for them at the moment, and then further down we’re going up a further three steps to a great office.

It’s going to have picture windows in it facing both the northern and Eastern side.  It’s going to be a really funky style of build with a skillion roof, aluminium windows and hardwood flooring.  We’re going to build the additions in custom orb cladding, so it’s lightweight cladding, something that we specialise in and we can get great thermal benefits out of lightweight construction.

So this is the brief of this project here at Ovingham and as you can see we’ve already started the demolition side of things, and look forward to giving you more video footage.

If this is the type of project that you’re are interested in doing, please pop on our website. We have a request a quote section on every page of our website and we make it very simple for you to put in an enquiry. We also have one of the best blogs of any builder in Australia, have a look at it and take some time to go through all the latest trends and materials that are available nowadays, plus there is video work of all our projects. So we keep you up to date.

I look forward to your enquiry. I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

You can also view Home Extensions Ovingham:  Split Level Rear Additions on our YouTube channel