By Jan Dowling August 19th, 2013. Comments Off on Home Extensions Semaphore 2

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Here we are at the back of our property – this latest build at Semaphore – and I’ll just give you a very quick rundown of what we’re going to be doing.

This whole veranda section, the shade house, half of the carport is all getting taken down. The build area is going to start pretty much from this wall here down and I’ll show you how far that goes in a minute.

The internal alterations is that there’s a bit of a lobby area here that’s going to be fully renovated; in this corner we’ve got the traditional, mandatory outhouse — that’s going, as is the original laundry, that’s going to be opened up into one big room that’s going to be a bathroom only and laundry as a separate room on the back of that again.

And then we’ve got the build area that starts from here, we’re going to have kitchen, dining and living room area to my left. On this side we’re going to have a separate theatre room plus another living area here and the build area will travel out to about this point here, and then we’ve got a full-width four metre wide al fresco area that’s going to come right out to here.

So as you can see, we’re extending in excess of 13m out from the original part of the property. It’s going to be larger than life and a beautiful build. And added to that, with the edgy detail that I mentioned before with the skillion roof, it’s really going to look stunning.

And further down this way, with the carport gone, we’ve got this beautiful big backyard that the owners are very fortunate to have; and back in this corner, we’re going to have a double carport that will be built on the boundary and right against the rear laneway so that they’ve got rear laneway access as well.

So what a lovely situation to be in where you’ve got this big house to start with, big additions, big block and rear access, just perfect!

So we look forward to getting stuck into this job. Within the next day or so we’ll have the demolition crew here to start the demo and we’ll keep you up to date with further videos on this exciting project at Semaphore.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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