By Jan Dowling August 19th, 2013. Comments Off on Home Extensions Semaphore 3

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and thanks for tuning in to this video of our build here at Semaphore. If you haven’t watched the first video, please visit our site and have a look at that – it shows the introduction to this fantastic piece of land and property right on the very foreshore at Semaphore.

We’ve got a grand old villa that was built around the 1900’s and the owners have asked us to do some very extensive additions to the property.

We’ve done this in two stages. Because we needed to demolish all their wet areas, we have staged the build so that we could firstly build an internal ensuite for them while we were focusing on the main build area, and keep their existing bathroom intact temporarily.

That enabled them to stay in the house while the build was happening and that’s a very important thing to consider – whether you can actually make this happen and stay in the house – it saves a boat load of money in the process with relocation costs, storage, all that sort of thing.

So we’ve designed it in a way that we can do the stage 1 build. Well now, as a result of finishing that area – it’s a lovely, open wet-room – we’re now starting on the main fabric build area and look at this! This is just absolutely awesome! I’m really in love with this job, I just love the way it’s all morphing. We designed this of course and we’re really, really happy with the results.

We are now looking at an area that’s straight on the back of the property and this is huge! We’ve got a kitchen about where Daniel is standing in that corner – dining and living area across here; we’ve got just an additional seating area here.

And in this corner is a theatre room that’s going to be soundproofed and we’ve just recently had installed all the necessary high-tech cabling that’s quite often required for all the media centres that people like to have nowadays.

And we’ve got these stunning picture windows here that are all out of 10.38 laminated glass – this is Comfort Plus glass by the way which is very thermal-efficient, and right next to this, another opening with three gigantic stacking doors that will just stack back to this side, matching that side of course with symmetry. We’ve got the highlight windows that are bringing in some morning sun and what an al fresco area this is going to be! Four metres deep, full width of the house, this is just an awesome build for us to do. We love it!

Added to that – the add-ons, we’ve done a double carport right in the back corner because this property has rear access, so brilliant! Straight in from the laneway, remote control, straight into your carport.

And down the track we are also going to be coordinating a pool going down this side of the property. So what a lifestyle! What a place, what a block of land, what a position, right on the Esplanade down at Semaphore.

So this is the stage we’re at now. We’re certainly going to do a lot more video work on this property. Once we’ve got the linings in and we’re starting to break into the original rear section of the house – because we do have some reconfiguring to do there – we’ll show you some more footage.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this transition so far and we look forward to catching up on the next video.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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