By Jan Dowling September 11th, 2014. Comments Off on Home Renovations Flagstaff Hill – How You Can Save Money And Get A Floor Plan That Works

So your current home just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Maybe you don’t need more space, just different space. A new floor plan that’s just right for how you want to live today, and tomorrow. Then don’t move – renovate. Think of the saving! No stamp duty, no refinance fees, no selling fees, no removalist fees. No house hunting and no auction stress! Just an amazing new version of the home you love.

Watch our renovations at Flagstaff Hill to see how to save money and get an exciting new floorplan without the cost and hassle of moving.

Your home should reflect your spirit – your personality and sense of humour. These renovations will certainly deliver that for our customers, at a fraction of the cost of moving, and without all the downsides.

Here’s what it looks like before – replacing the doors and windows with semi commercial aluminium will give the front a really sharp look and new chunky columns to the carport will give it some oomph!

This house was built in a time when lots of small rooms were popular. Now, of course, everyone wants large, open plan spaces. So we’ve removed major structural walls and added large engineered steel beams for strength and support.

Already, you can see the shape of the new space. Space for a big galley kitchen. Space for a gorgeous island. Space for a butler’s pantry and separate food prep area. Space for open plan kitchen/living/dining. Space for a large master suite and dressing room. Space for a new bathroom with a freestanding bath. Space, space, space – now it’s in all the right places!

We’re adding hallways, tall windows, new doors, new laundry cabinets – same space – great new floor plan. This tired old courtyard will be a thing of the past – out with the spa, out with the tiles – a total revamp coming up with hardwood decking.

This house also has a beautiful entertaining area and swimming pool with golf course views. But too many walls meant it could only be seen from one room. So the walls had to go! Instead, across the back, a 6 metre wall of bi-fold doors will open out to the spectacular back yard. Now our customers can get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee looking out at the birds and the trees – in a home that we’ve reinvented to suit their lifestyle.

Look at it now, and then image being able to opening up the back wall – what we see cocktails by the pool happening soon!

Top of the “Wish List” – a view from more than one room! When the new bi-folds go in it’s going to be modern and light and cheerful– it’s going to make a massive difference and give a great sense of space

So keep watching – you won’t believe the difference. Thinking outside the square and working with what you’ve already got is a great solution to a problematic floor plan.

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You can also view Home Renovations Flagstaff Hill – How You Can Save Money And Get A Floor Plan That Works on our YouTube channel.