By Jan Dowling November 2nd, 2015. Comments Off on How Our Clever Staging Keeps You in Your Home

Should I stay or should I go? Everyone asks the question. The good news is Dowling Homes has clever staging solutions for questions like: Where do we put all our stuff during the demolition phase? And where on earth do we go to the bathroom?

No toilet? No problem! See for yourself how we solved it at Prospect.

The house was undergoing a complete renovation plus a huge upper storey addition to the back. However, although there was a useable bathroom, the demolition meant losing the one and only toilet for a family of five (eeeek!). That’s where our clever staging came in –

We don’t like to see our clients uprooted, so as Stage 1, we knocked out walls and enlarged the space to provide a new fabulous modern bathroom with a toilet.

Problem solved – the family can stay in their home while we continue the build.

Not only do the family have a place to live while we build Stage Two, they’ve also gained a stunning new modern bathroom.

It’s hardly recognisable! We love the clean, minimalist look and how the striking Italian tiles on the floor tie all of that beautiful white together.

When you renovate with our team, every part of the project is designed to bring out the value in your home, and you can start living a better life before the project is even complete!

Our previous post 5 clever ways we solve your storage and bathroom problems while we build is a must read for how we can answer your worries and put your mind at rest.

Better staging than a theatre

Earlier, we showed you the boat house-inspired shed we were building as Stage One at Parkside to store the family’s furniture while Stage Two zoomed along.

It’s not home to their furniture anymore – that’s now inside this beautiful Stage Two extension –

So this family now has a beautiful modern addition to their old villa – all without having to store their furniture off-site. And the shed’s beautiful white paintwork and corrugated iron roof match the main house, and really tie the whole yard together!

Clever staging means clever savings

Are you dreaming about renovating or extending your home but are worried you’ll have to move while we build? Don’t! Whether you’re worried about storing your furniture or where to do basic day-to-day things like cooking or showering, we have a solution. Over 90% of our clients stay on while we work!

Our clever staging can save you money by keeping you in your house. No need to look for a second place to call home, use the one you already have – every dollar counts when you’re building!

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