By Jan Dowling July 27th, 2016. Comments Off on How To Get FANTASTIC Space on a Narrow Block

Want to maximise every single metre of your narrow block? Semaphore’s finished – watch to see how you can get a fantastic space that’s just right for you too.

If you have a home on a narrow block, this charming cottage extension is sure to inspire. But it’s no ordinary extension. So if you want to know the secret to getting more space on a narrow space, read on!

Built on an extremely narrow block, this single-fronted cottage was already very charming, but was lacking the space the owners needed and was the victim of several unprofessional attempts to extend the space. Watch the video to see all the Before and After images. Here’s a Before – see what we mean?

But how do you get more space on such a narrow block? By extending up and down, of course! Watch video 1 in the diary of this project to see why building up and down really is super smart.

In video 2 you can see the cellar taking shape – it already has the makings of an awesome space!

Watch video 3 to see how we can design and build a fantastic space below ground –

This is no ordinary cellar. It’s not damp and dark and difficult to get to. It’s the exact opposite! At a whopping 50 square metres – this adds extra space and value to the property. Win, win!

Imagine this fantastic space added to your own home. Better yet, give us a call and we’ll show you how we’ll build 1, 2 or 3 levels for you too. Whether your style preference is contemporary or classic, we’ll design a super space just right for you. Pick up the phone and dial 0409 829 871 or make an on line enquiry today.

Chat soon.

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