By Jan Dowling September 9th, 2015. Comments Off on How We’ll Solve Your Space Issue

This might be a very narrow cottage on a very narrow block, but it has one serious basement! Watch how we can solve your space issue by going below ground.

When you’re looking to get the best from your space – and everybody is – it pays to look beyond the norm. There are lots more ways to get more space than simply building up and out. Sometimes you simply need to look down.

This is the next episode in the story of the Semaphore house that time forgot. While most home extensions will erect a second storey or sacrifice the backyard, this home is a fantastic demonstration of how building up and down is a super smart way to unlock the potential of your home.

See just what you can have too, even on a narrow house like this, on a narrow block!

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Not only will you add more living space, but adding a basement level can also increase the value of your property. Think of all the things you can include below ground – a wine cellar, gym, home theatre, guest bedrooms, storage, rumpus room… the list is endless.

Sometimes ideas evolve as the build develops. This basement has expanded from 32 to 45 square metres and now links to an existing cellar. It’s light, well ventilated and comfortable – everything you could desire in a living space.

This home is going up too. Stay tuned for our next episode when we reveal the breathtaking mezzanine master suite on the top level, cleverly built into the existing roof space.

Wondering what it will look like? Check out our 3D design.

When you have a narrow home on a narrow block, it’s easy to think that you don’t have many choices. The truth is you have more than you think! The trick is to engage a builder who can look beyond the traditional boundaries of design and help you enjoy every last millimetre of your home.

Dowling Homes will help you explore all the options, above and below ground.

Get in touch today and let’s chat about how we can solve your space issue.

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