By Jan Dowling September 20th, 2012. Comments Off on Malvern Villa 2

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our second video of this veranda restoration here at Malvern. Our first video showed the initial brief on what we were needing to do here, remove the old and build a completely new veranda, maintaining the original aspects of the house.

This second video shows that we now we have in place a reinforced concrete slab that’s 125mm thick, also a nice deep footing so this veranda will never again sag or sink into the ground.

Our bluestone contractor has reused a lot of the original bluestone to reinstate this front wall. We’ve also had to source some extra bluestone to match because some of the stones were fretted and really couldn’t be used.

This bluestone now needs to be pointed or flushed off with mortar so that it complements the rest of the house. The tiler is now at a point where he has laid these brand new slate thresholds and these are genuine Mintaro slate, that’s a South Australian slate and quite expensive compared to the cheap imports but certainly a far more durable product.

So these have now been put in place and I don’t know whether you can see but the tiler has now screeded the base of the veranda in readiness for laying the tessellated tiles.

Now the tessellated pattern is not something that’s done by your ordinary tiler. You need to engage a specialist tiler to make sure that these thousands of tiles in various patterns and shapes are all laid correctly and evenly to give you that true professional finish.

So this is video number two, we intend to do another one right at the very end of the project so that you can see the tiles on the veranda and bringing this build up to original standard.

So we’ll look forward to speaking to you soon. I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.