By Jan Dowling December 10th, 2013. Comments Off on Millswood Home Addition

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and as promised, here’s video number 4 of our Millswood Home Addition project.

I hope you followed the previous videos on this job, it’s a lovely addition on the back of a traditional villa and this is getting very close to the end, a week and a half to go possibly and we’re ready for the owners to move in.

And have a look at this. This has turned out really, really special. We’ve got beautiful fittings, ultra-modern, and just take a look at this lovely open format kitchen, great island bench top that’s yet to be done, that will be done next week, but really generous storage space.

Off to the side here, I’ll just get Daniel pan into the pantry room there, a separate pantry room which is just brilliant. It keeps all the clutter out of the kitchen and plenty of storage space as well.

Next to that, we’ve got a fridge alcove where obviously the fridge will go in its separate compartment so it tucks it away all nice and neat and next to that, we’ve got an entertainment unit with a gas heater that’s going to be installed later this week.

And I’ll just get Daniel to follow around from this living area into the master suite. This is the main bedroom of the home and something a little bit different is that the bathroom is an open area to the master suite so it’s this whole area that basically is set aside for the parents.

The ensuite has turned out really special, we love the look of this lovely modern coffee-coloured striped floor tiles that go up the wall as well as a feature. We’ve got a great open-format shower here which is really large, strip drain down the bottom and of course a beautiful modern vanity unit as well with a great big storage drawer inside it.

And moving around from that, next door to this ensuite bathroom is a very generous dressing room. So as you can see there, once again, lots of lovely storage.

And just while we’re in this area, check out the floor boards that are just being sanded right at this very moment. Beautiful hardwood floors that are going to be polished to a semi-gloss level, so it’s something that’s going to look- give that little bit of warmth to the modern look of the home but it’s just going to look really snappy.

So this is the bedroom, living area again and I’ll just get Daniel to follow me down to the wet area of the build. And off to the side here, we have main bathroom which, once again, has an open format, shower, great waterfall fittings at the top to give you that real flow of water coming down, very popular nowadays. Great fittings, very modern and trendy. Lovely vanity unit again.

Opposite this bathroom, we have a really long laundry which has once again heaps of storage space as well. So this is the side of the build on the back here, doing some renovations internally as well, just some tidying up.

We’ve taken out the original back door of the house and widened this opening to give us a couple of French doors to seal off the… to zone the house effectively for air conditioning.

So there we are. The end, or almost the end of another project by Dowling Homes. This has turned out a beautiful project and we’re very happy with the results we’ve achieved, not only for ourselves but our customers as well.

And that’s what we can do for you as well if you’re looking at a project similar to this, remembering that we can do all the design work for you and create something special.

Give us a call, hop on our website,, fill out a request form that appears on every page of the website, have a look at our YouTube videos as well. And also we have a blog on our website that gives people lots of information about products that have been recently released and the latest trends in the market.

So we look forward to hearing from you. I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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