By Jan Dowling July 19th, 2013. Comments Off on Myrtle Bank Video 1

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our project here at Myrtle Bank. We’ve got a lovely old 20s bungalow in this lovely green suburb of Myrtle Bank and the owners have been living here for some time, but just finding things a little bit too tight space-wise and they’ve asked us to do rear-end additions as well as an internal alteration, converting once again a bedroom into an ensuite and dressing room, but I’ll just go through the story so far with this job.

Obviously we’re now at brickwork stage. The addition is being stretched to the back by about 1.5m more than what the previous one was. There was an addition here that was done in the 70s with a very 70s flavour to it. Very common at the time was to have slate floors and open rafters. Well that’s all gone now and this new build will be more current as far as trends go, and more modern.

So this room has now been increased in its depth. It’s now being lifted up. The original one came down fairly low. We’ve now gone up from the original back wall and doing what’s called a skillion roof, which shoots up on an angle.

Now that gives you not only the feeling of space with nearly 4.5m-high ceilings at its highest point but does also afford the opportunity to add in some north-facing skylight windows to maximise the winter sun. So that’s the format of this area here.

The original kitchen, which lies beyond this wall here, is now being boarded up for the moment. That will become an additional bedroom and the kitchen is going to move out to this area, as well as the dining and living room areas as well.

Another problem the owners had with this design originally was that there were three steps down from the main living area to this service I’m standing on now and part of our process with this addition is to lift the whole floor up so that from the main living area there is only going to be one step down, so a lot more user-friendly. The new floor height will actually come up to this brickwork height here so we’re increasing around 30cm high.

So as I’ve explained – kitchen, dining, living. In this corner as you can see the newer floor height will be a walk-in pantry servicing the kitchen, a doorway leading into a laundry area, which in turn will have a separate toilet right at the back here.

This L-shaped piece you see on the side here is a workshop that’s going to have rear access so that will be part of the main build. Also leading up from this brick wall will be a hardwood decking area with another skillion roof starting just above this beam here and once again going up on an angle to maximise northern light.

So it’s going to be a very, very lovely project and it’s certainly going to make a great life change to the customers and we look forward to catching up with you in due course as the job progresses with some more video footage. Look forward to catching up.
I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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