By Jan Dowling July 19th, 2013. Comments Off on Myrtle bank video 2

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to video number 2 of our project at Myrtle Bank. The owners have asked us to do extensive building alterations and extensions to this property.

Our first video showed the initial stage of that build which was essentially to brickwork stage. We’’re progressing quite nicely now and I think you would probably have to agree that this is just beautiful compared to what was here beforehand.

We’’ve got a lovely al fresco area that’s going to have hardwood decking, ceiling, ceiling fans as well as down lights. We’’ve got an integrated, bricked-in workshop on the corner and this is just gorgeous! It’s really taking shape now.

So we’ll go through a bit of a run-through on the inside and show you what we have done on this transformation at Myrtle Bank.

So here we are on the inside of our building at Myrtle Bank and have a look at this: this is just heaps bigger than it was before. You can see on the wall here where the original ceiling line was for the original part of the build so what we’’ve done is stretched it all the way up, pushed it another metre and a half out that way and we’’ve got this magnificent entertaining area now.

So top that off with the café doors leading out to the deck, this is just something that’’s going to be really beneficial for the owners and we’’re very excited about this project. We’’re currently at painting stage; we’’ve got Jason up on the scaffold there doing some painting. Say Hi Jason.


And yeah, it’s moving along really well. Where Daniel is standing at the moment, we have the future position for the kitchen, which will be 2 pac and stone bench tops. In the corner will be a walk-in pantry with lots of shelving and through to the side is the newly fitted out laundry and separate WC.

So it’s really starting to take shape now. We’’re looking forward to barrelling on through this job and getting it to a finished stage.

Other aspects of this build: behind this wall is a renovation of what is now the existing kitchen that’’s going to be converted to the fourth bedroom of the property and we’’re going to be altering this opening here.

In our previous video, we described the fact that the old build had three steps down. We’’ve now reduced that to just one down from the existing part of the build, so that’s a good advantage on this project.

Lovely Blackbutt wooden floors that are going to be sanded and polished so they should look stunning as well. So that’’s where we’’re at at this point in time on our project at Myrtle Bank and we look forward to catching up on a final video which will show the finished article.

So feel free to give us a call if you’’d like something like this for your house. Our website has plenty of information and also has a “Request a Quote” section on each page of the website.

We’’ve got a newly developed blog page which has lots of information on it as well and we’’ve also got plenty of videos on YouTube. And of course, you can always contact us through Facebook.

So we look forward to speaking to you in good time.

I’’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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