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Our About Us video for Dowling Homes

We’ve just updated our About Us page.  It tells the story of Jan and Kym Dowling and why Dowling Homes in Adelaide began, which everyone tells us they love.  I think you’ll find it really revealing.

Our old About Us page was a bit dull and boring and professional, so here’s our new one – we’d love you to check it out.

Here’s our story –

Building is in our blood. Before us, both our parents were in the building industry. Kym’s father built homes in and around Cumberland Park, while Jan’s father founded a large glazing business in Unley. The sights and sounds of building sites became the backdrop for both our childhoods, as we quietly learned the secrets of the craft.

By the time we went on our first date as teenagers, we already shared a love for the building industry. It was only a matter of time before this became our future.

But first, we had some skills to learn.

Kym learned his trade as a cabinetmaker, while Jan studied project management. Combining our skills, we founded a cabinetmaking business and enjoyed many successful years creating wonderful interiors.

But we had even bigger dreams. While running that business, we both studied for our individual building licences. At the same time, we renovated and extended 9 homes for us and our three children, including a beautiful old stone hospital. Opening up our homes to our friends and family is one of life’s pleasures, so each home became a second home for our children’s friends too. During school holidays, the house would be bursting at the seams with everyone cooking, swimming, playing basketball and more.

Along the way, our talent grew and, seeing our work and the care that goes into every single process, customers started asking us to build for them. The more customers asked, the more we realised where our attention should be. So we lit the fuse and launched Dowling Homes as our sole business and passion.

Today, we are proud to be one of Adelaide’s leading home renovation and extension builders.

The reason is simple. Everything we do is built around you, your family, your lifestyle, your dreams, and your style. We take painstaking delight in guiding and inspiring our clients to achieve a result beyond their imagination (but not their budget). Of course, we also have a dedicated team to help us perfect every detail, including a full-time designer, site supervisor, project coordinator, administrative assistant, and site labourer. Not to mention a large external team and enormous network of sub-contractors and suppliers – all of whom share our vision of excellence.

Of course, we are still creating our own labours of love too. We recently fell head over heels with a heritage-listed church and have renovated and extended it to create our “forever home”. It’s provided a wonderful lifestyle for our family, as well as being an inspirational venue for family weddings, milestone birthdays, and even cinema evenings for youth groups.

Here’s a transcript of the video –



Jan: We get to change people’s lives. We get to see the difference when we help people change the way they live, and how their families can live, and go from a house that is dark, cramped, and out of date, to one that’s happy, and spacious, and light filled. Their lives change. We get to see people’s lives transform, and that’s pretty awesome.

Kym:  I just love being part of Dowling Homes. It’s a great, positive environment. We have a fantastic team, who have great expertise. They respect each other, and they work really well together, and that’s a great recipe for a successful business.

Jan: We get to know the customers, and their children, and their pets, and we become a little part of their lives.



Kym: Being Dowling Homes means providing for our family, and doing what we do best. Not everyone can say that. All of our customers are different, and all of our projects are different and it’s amazing to hear the stories of customers who are living through cramped spaces, and their family situation’s not ideal, and actually getting to the place where we start building for them, for their brand new future. It’s a fantastic feeling.

Jan: What we do impacts on so many lives, and creates a ripple effect of awesome. It’s about lifestyle, creating a lifestyle for us around what we do, and a new lifestyle for our customers, and that’s very satisfying.



Kym:  What we love about Dowling Homes is not making our staff feel like they’re cogs in a big machine – they are really talented, savvy staff, who work together, and also do their best to help our customers.

Jan:  We do have a lot of laughs together, but then we’re also super productive. We’re really proud of what we achieve every week.

Kym: We just love to make building fun and easy and if a problem arises on site, the team swings into action – it’s solved quickly and easily, and that’s the sign of a great team.



Jan: Being able to have fun, and put a smile on people’s faces, is a very special thing these days.

Kym:  It’s the team, it’s the place we work, and it’s also about changing peoples’ lives to make a better future for them and their families. We change people’s lives with every build we do.

You’ve seen us and that we absolutely love what we do.  Our customers are so grateful for the difference their reinvented homes make to their lives.  It’s the most rewarding job to do.

Located in Adelaide, we build stunning home extensions that your family will love forever too.

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