By Jan Dowling June 17th, 2014. Comments Off on Prospect Home Extensions

Watch this Prospect Wall and Roof Frames Video

We’re back with the latest Prospect home extensions video.  This is number two in a series of videos showing you the progress of the work we’re doing on this lovely old bluestone villa.

Door systems are all the rage!  And there are so many styles to choose from on the market.  The owners here have chosen a double sided aluminium  bi-fold door system that will lead out to their gorgeous al fresco area.  We can’t wait to show you the finished al fresco area – keep watching!

Prospect Home Extensions

In the meantime, watch Kym describe the wall and roof frames that for a good part of this Prospect Homes Extensions project, and the box gutter system we’ve designed to suit the double gabled roof.

Watch video 1 of this project on our video blog here

Watch this Prospect Wall and Roof Frames Video

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. We’re at our Prospect site. This is the reality, some 6 or 7 weeks later we’ve got the slab down, wall frames up and roof frames happening on the rear of this beautiful symmetrical villa.

I’ll just do a brief rundown of what this build is going to result in. We’ve got a really large bathroom from the rear end of the house, great big kitchen, living area across the back here. On this side we have an existing doorway that’s going to be leading into a dressing room and a really good size en suite, a huge laundry, and on this side is the dining area and from the build area, we’ve got this – if you look at this steel frame here, this is going to be for a door system that’s going to lead out to an undercover alfresco as well.  So this is a pretty serious build. It’s going to look fantastic.

We’re just at this point of doing the roof frames now. Now this one’s a little bit different than most of our builds. If you look at the original part of the house, it has two gables going down into a box gutter. Now because we’re doing the extension on the back, the box gutter needs to go somewhere, so to cure this problem we’re going to change the internal pitch of the roof. You won’t see this from the outside but we’re actually going to make it shallower, and that is reflected in the shape of the trusses. If you look there, you can see that they’re quite shallow in comparison to the original build; so we’re changing the internal roof structure so that the box gutter can then go right through to the back end onto the alfresco and go in to the stormwater.

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I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

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