By Jan Dowling June 19th, 2013. Comments Off on Return Verandah Villa final video

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone, Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our final video of this villa transformation at Mile End. The owners asked us to design a rear addition and also do some internal alterations to this property and we’re now at the very tail end of this build with just a couple of minor tasks to tend to.

Before we go inside and show you what we’ve done, I thought I’d start this video out here to show you this really large entertaining area – an al fresco that’s 13 m long x 4 m deep.

And also, with this al fresco is the lovely polished concrete floor that flows through inside the house. We’ve got a plasterboard ceiling with LED down lights and ceiling fans, and when you open these sliding doors here, it opens up almost 100 sq m of entertaining area and that’s just brilliant!

So let’s go inside and show you what else we’ve done.

Here we are inside. I’m standing in the living/dining area. The original back wall has been removed and look at this, a stunning entertainer’s kitchen – double-width oven, huge bench space area, stone tops of course and I love this transition between old meets new. And we’ve also got some really funky glass tiles on the splashback there.

We’ve retained the original pantry room from the original part of the property and this was lined out with a few odd particleboard shelves, definitely not practical, so this has all been lined out now in white melamine. And we’ve utilised the whole area, so plenty of storage space.

We also have a large laundry here with stone bench tops – beautifully fitted out – 2 pac cupboards again and we’ve also got a shower in this area because the owners are wanting a swimming pool down the track.

And in the shower itself we’ve got really lovely fittings – you can see the strip drain on the floor and just these new, modern, cube-look fittings, and it really just sets it off and a backdrop of feature tiles as well, so this is the laundry.

Added to that, we have a separate toilet with basin and we’ll now move further into the build area to show what else we’ve done.

And this is the renovation side of the project. We specialise in this type of thing. I can tell you, absolutely, this is the best thing to do on a villa. You’ve got big bedrooms – what better way of converting them into an ensuite and dressing room! And wait until you see this! This is something out of the box. This was originally a bedroom and we’ve cut a hole in the doorway here and then we’ve divided the bedroom in half so that one half becomes en suite, one half becomes dressing room.

The challenge of this was to remove a corner chimney which we’ve done very successfully and look what it’s given us. This area is just brilliant. We’ve got a really large en suite that has, once again, a very generous-sized vanity unit.

Just take a look at the floor tiles, these are something very different and they actually look like floorboards so we were very excited about using this product.

We’ve also got a heated towel rail – once again, top of the range sanitary ware and fittings – we’re very proud of the end result of this. And the bonus of course is the larger than life walk-in robe; heaps of hanging space, heaps of shelving, plenty of drawers, this just works perfectly.

Well there we are folks, we’re a couple days away from handover – just a few minor things to do so we thought we’d take this chance to just give you some video footage of what we can do for you at Dowling Homes.

We’ve got really happy customers – we’re happy with the end result, so what more is there to say really? Apart from, if you’re wanting to do something similar to this, please feel free to pop on our website. We’ve got a blog page now on the website that’s being constantly updated. Also on the website is a “Request a Quote” section. You can fill that out or perhaps take a moment to look at our YouTube videos – there’s many of those to give you plenty of information and also, you can communicate through Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes. Bye for now.

You can also view Return Verandah Villa – final video on our YouTube channel