By Jan Dowling June 19th, 2013. Comments Off on Return Verandah Villa – framework

Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes and welcome to our second video of the project we’ve started here at Mile End.

The first video showed the pouring of the slab, this one having polished concrete and I hope you watched that first video just to see the beautiful colours that can be achieved with polishing the concrete.

This video, as you can see, we are now in wall and roof stage. This is about three weeks later. As you can see a boatload of timber has gone into this and also the western red cedar joinery has been installed.

We’re going to have sliding doors across here, fixed panes of glass across that side. The rooms, we’ve got a little entry way here that leads into a laundry that has an external door on it and also a shower. And the owners have asked that a shower be put in the laundry because their plan is to have a pool out the back.

Leading off that area is a separate toilet. In this corner here will be the study. We’ve got an absolutely enormous living and dining area here and back beyond the original part of the house will be a brand-new, fresh layout for the kitchen area and pantry.

All of that within this living space here. The beauty of this one is that you can open up the sliding doors here and what we’re going to ultimately have is an under main roof, full length, which is about 13m by 4m al fresco area. As you can see this is gigantic. It’s fantastic for entertaining.

So we’re looking forward to continuing on with this project and showing you more video footage as it progresses. We’ll probably do another one at the end of the brickwork stage and that will give you a true indication of the actual size of the project but we’ve got more action happening out the front of the property. We’re doing a conversion of one of the original rooms into an ensuite and dressing room and we’ll show you that now.

You can also view our Return Verandah Villa – framework video on our YouTube channel