By Jan Dowling July 20th, 2015. Comments Off on Romance your home. Watch this renovation to see how

Romance your home. Watch this renovation to see how

Fallen out of love with your home? This video showing the Before and After of our magnificent renovation is a must see!

See what’s possible when walls are removed, spaces are reimagined and your style and personality is brought to life, inside and out.

Looking for your dream home? Chances are you have it already – you just need the experts to help unleash your home’s potential. That’s what we did with this gorgeous house in Flagstaff Hill.

Using the property’s existing footprint, each space was completely reimagined to suit the owners’ needs and desires. No additions. No extensions. We simply took the existing space and made it work better. And in doing so, we’ve transformed a once rather ordinary home to something truly extraordinary.

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The driving force behind the project was the kitchen. Owner Sue wanted to be able to look out into the open and enjoy the view over the golf course, without feeling trapped and confined.

The small tired kitchen was opened up into a gorgeous kitchen complete with a massive pantry, wall of ovens and striking bench for entertaining

“I love my kitchen – a big open kitchen with a big bench. It’s light and beautiful.” – Sue, owner.

The kitchen flows out into a luxurious living and dining area, which has been completely redesigned. Other highlights are the renovated laundry, master bedroom and bathroom. No room was left untouched in the quest for a stunning and functional home.

“The thing I love most is that the layout now makes sense. It’s more functional…You really need to do this once in your life. It’s just been a fantastic experience.” – Sue, owner.

Watch video 1 of this project to see how your floorplan can be reimagined to suit your lifestyle.

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Remember, just because you’re falling out of love with your home doesn’t mean you should move. Sometime all it takes is a fresh perspective to get the home you’ve been dreaming of. Sue and Brett in Flagstaff Hill are reaping the rewards – why shouldn’t you?

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