By Jan Dowling May 1st, 2016. Comments Off on See How To Get Super Space With A Cellar

Do you ever find yourself looking around your house wondering how you can squeeze in more living space? You may literally be sitting on a myriad of new living possibilities!

Take a look at this fabulous cellar we’re creating –

A cellar is extra space that many homeowners don’t consider. You might think about building an extension onto the back of the house, extending sideways, or upwards. But building a cellar extension is space you probably hadn’t even thought about!

5 smart reasons to choose a cellar extension

1. A cellar extension doesn’t shrink your backyard. Add living space to your home without removing your outdoor oasis. Bonus!

2. A cellar extension increases the value of your home. Make full use of all the real estate you’ve invested in, not just what’s above ground level.

3. Create the wine cellar of your dreams. Recreate your favourite vineyard’s cellar door with a climate-controlled wine cellar, customised storage and an entertaining space for friends.

4. It can be whatever you want it to be. Why not add a laundry room, theatre room, games room, rumpus room, gym, or simply fabulous storage?

5. Enjoy natural light and ventilation. Today’s cellar designs are light, bright and airy! Plus you can incorporate soundproof insulation for a gym or home theatre.

Remember this Semaphore home? That’s exactly where we’re creating this fabulous new basement and cellar.

Spanning a generous 8m by 4m, this stunning new cellar incorporates a games room, studio, study and home theatre. This design will be painted block work, though here at Dowling Homes, we also offer the spray concrete method. The concrete is simply sprayed on and finished in a day.

But it doesn’t stop there: we’ve joined the new cellar to the old cellar to make an enormous underground space in a narrow cottage on a narrow block.

It’s the extra living space the owners have been dreaming about! And if you have a home on a narrow block, going down and out, or even up and down and out, is a super smart way to add the space you need.

So stop looking around and wondering how you can add space to your home, and let us take care of it! Give us a call on 0409 829 871 or make an online enquiry today.

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