By Jan Dowling May 1st, 2015. Comments Off on See Why Building Up AND Down is Super Smart

Got a narrow home on a narrow block? Need more space but can’t work out how? Then this extension is sure to inspire you. It’s on a charming single-fronted cottage on an extremely narrow block down by the sea. Intrigued? Read on!

Stairs going up, and stairs going down

Don’t despair if you have a home you love that’s narrow. We can fit space in ways and places you can’t even imagine. This gorgeous house in Semaphore is about to show exactly what’s possible.

The home was built when exterior beauty was admired and delicate details were desired. Now the property needs a backend that is truly worthy of its striking good looks. The owners have already renovated three original rooms and a bathroom, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. A modern twist on classic elegance draws beautifully on the heritage of the home.

The backend that time forgot

But the rear of the home tells a different story. Walking inside is like stepping back to a time to when extensions were made from the most economical materials at hand – without any thought for the rest of the home. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, except that it has entirely compromised the original character and charm of the home. The home is crying out not just to be brought into the modern world, but to be given a timeless design that can be enjoyed long into the future.

The house that stretches on and on and on …

What the house lacks in width (it’s only one room wide), it makes up in length. This house is like the never-ending story. But the owners need more room in their slimline abode, and they need to achieve it in a smarter way. The answer is a multi-level extension.

Going up

At the top of the “up” staircase awaits an apartment style mezzanine master suite, complete with dressing room and en suite bathroom. Inspired by the chic New York “loft” style apartments, the mezzanine overlooks the downstairs living and dining areas. Light and openness create an overwhelming sense of space on this upper level.

Going down

At the bottom of the “down” staircase, we’re digging deep to create a basement. But this is no ordinary basement – spanning a generous 8m by 4m, it will present the perfect games room, studio, study, home theatre – let your imagination do the rest.

The original home already has a fabulous cellar, so now there’ll be a cellar and a basement – all that wonderful living space in a very narrow home.

But the original staircase down to the cellar is treacherous! It’s very long and very steep with narrow treads, so we’re relocating the exit point and making a whole new, safe staircase. No more imaging themselves plummeting into darkness. Three staircases in one home – marvellous!

Creating a kitchen like no other

The kitchen has done its job until now. But a sophisticated modern home needs a kitchen to match. The owners will farewell their current kitchen before we pull it out, and say hello to a larger living space there. Meanwhile, we’ll build a brand new kitchen further towards the back of the home in the ever-popular open plan living and dining style.

The living and dining areas are perfectly positioned to capitalise on the northern aspect, so we’ve designed huge picture windows to invite that great winter light throughout. Natural light flowing deep into the home is a great way to create rooms that feel spacious and light.

No more washday blues

The laundry room currently presents as a chaotic layout with out-dated fittings and poor storage that don’t make the most of its generous proportions. The owners need a space that makes life easier – a space they can actually enjoy using. We’ve designed a dazzling new laundry that will contain super storage, an efficient layout and even a third toilet.

Time to breathe in the sea air

Right down the very back of the carport, where you can just spot a table and chairs, we’ve enjoyed coffee with our delightful customers. It’s a wonderfully relaxing spot – the day was hot, and the cool sea breeze made it the perfect place to sit and chat about what’s going to happen here. But soon they’ll be enjoying those same sea breezes on an undercover deck area at the back of the home. If they can bear to leave their amazing new home that is!

Our customers have been dreaming about this home extension for 20 years, and it’s an absolute honour to make their dream come true!

Of course they don’t have to wait till it’s finished to see what it will look like – we’ve already shown them in 3D!

And you don’t have to wait either! We’ll be keeping a video diary of our progress throughout the build. Stay tuned for the next update and find out how the vision is coming to life.

Our Semaphore customers may have waited for 20 years – but you don’t have to. Take the first step and make an online enquiry or give us a call on 0409 829 871. You’ll be glad you did!

Check out our YouTube videos to see many more of our projects – you’ll see just what you can have, even on a narrow house on a narrow block!

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