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We’re back with the latest Semaphore Park Home extension video.  This is number four in a series of videos tracking the progress of the work we’re doing on this lovely villa.

Concrete polishing for slabs is really gaining in popularity. It’s hygienic, low maintenance and durable and is a beautiful floor finish.  In this video you can watch Kym describe the process for this polished concrete slab.  The colour is “smoke” and our customers have chosen a fine grind to achieve a lightly sprinkled “salt and pepper” effect.  Later on, when it’s had it’s final grind and seal, we’ll show you the beautiful smooth, shiny floor, with the added benefit of underfloor heating throughout.  Gorgeous!

Learn more about polished concrete slabs on our video blog here.

Watch This Semaphore Park Home Extension Video

Here’s a transcription of this video:

Hi everyone Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.

We’re back at Semaphore Park and I just thought I’d take a few moments to show you what’s happened to date.

The previous videos showed the introductiondemolition, and video 3 showed the underfloor heating that goes right throughout this living area.

Well now the concrete’s been poured and we’re at the curing stage at the moment and the concrete grinding application has just started. The specialists have come in to do the initial grind for this particular job and this concrete colour is called ‘smoke’, so it’s a little bit bluer than standard concrete and the grinding machines have gone over it to do the initial grind.  They’ll come back later in the project to do the final grind and seal it.  We’ve put some water on the slab here just to give you a bit of an idea of what we’re going  to achieve. This is what they call a salt and pepper look. So it’s just a very light grind, just to give that slight stone look to the concrete. So this is going to look absolutely beautiful when it’s finished, with the added luxury of underfloor heating.

Just a quick rundown on the layout of this build; that’s obviously the original back part of the house; we’re continuing the whole way through.

These set down areas are for the two bathrooms, separate toilet and laundry in here. We’re going to be breaking into this back wall to create a walk in wardrobe from what’s going to be the new bedroom one. So we’ll come through into the walk in wardrobe into a really lovely sized en suite and out in this back area, we’ve got a really big walk in pantry; butler’s pantry they’re sometimes called, with its own sink in it, leading out to the kitchen on this side, and then over here we’ve got this really large living area and dining area across the back here, lovely opening bi-folding doors going across this rear section. This is where the build stops at this point here and then this great four metre under main roof a alfresco area with, once again, the polished concrete on it as well.

So big project this one; a lovely size.  It’s certainly going to make a world of difference to the owners and their lifestyle.

So that’s where we’re sitting at the moment.  The next phase is to get the wall frames in place.

In the meantime the owners are also getting a pool installed out the back, so that’s going to be craned right over the roof into the back corner before we start building all this so that there’s minimal disruption.

So we look forward to showing you some more footage on this spectacular project at Semaphore Park.

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I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes, bye for now.

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