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Thanks to all for your great feedback on our new look Newsletter. Here’s one we’re sharing – it made us laugh out loud!

Love that you kept some black – I love it. Like the dark grey and links that work really well. Love the new floor plan page where other photos are as well. Great Web Page!!!!

I’ve been looking at lots of other web pages, and links that don’t work is one of the things that really gives me the shits. And navigating around and around in circles until you lose the will to live.

But the Dowling site is superb!”

Tracey S

Handover at Prospect. Watch what Emma has to say about their journey …





“We’d gone without hot water in the kitchen for about a year and a half, and we had barely any hot water to have a shower with and a very mouldy ceiling.

We have a kitchen and we can cook and we can wash dishes and there’s hot water that comes out of the kitchen tap. Having an indoors laundry – it’s going to be nice.

So much easier. So we’re very excited”.

Want to see what Emma’s excited about? Watch the video – we’ve designed and built this extension uniquely for them. On time, and on budget.

We can build one just for you, too. All you need is to add a touch of your own personality!





We love what we do, and it’s been a great pleasure to have delivered an extension that will make such a difference to Emma and Scott’s lives today, and for many tomorrows.

Did you miss the story of Prospect? It all began in our first video …

To follow the whole project start here, and then watch the progress with videos two and three.




Speaking of Prospect …

We’ve got another new project at Prospect on the drawing board.

Want to get an idea of what your extension will look like? Finding it hard to visualise? Talk to us – we’ll produce 3D renderings just for you.





This lovely stone villa will have a gorgeous L-shaped extension to the back, and will boast an under main roof al fresco. Two sets of doors and a large picture window will let plenty of light into a gorgeous new kitchen and open space living area.

It’s just about ready to send off to the certifiers. Keep watching …

Home Renovations Flagstaff Hill

Sometimes it’s not more space you need – just different space.

If you want to reinvent the space you’ve already got – this one’s for you!





Our Floorplans pages have been a huge hit!

Check out our latest page!

Extensions and Renovations to Villa in Unley

Does your home need renovating AND extending? Then this is a must see.

It’s been a favourite and you’ll soon see why. Take a look …




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