By Jan Dowling September 2nd, 2014. Comments Off on The difference between Home Renovations and Extensions [INFOGRAPHIC]

You love where you live.  Great area, great neighbours, great schools.  You love everything about it.

Well, nearly everything …

Your house just isn’t quite right for you.

Are you thinking home renovations or extensions?  What’s the difference, anyway?

Here’s our infographic that outlines the differences, as well as things to consider that you might not have thought of.


Click on the image below to see a larger view:


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So, one’s about adding more space up or out – that’s an extension.  A renovation is improving something that already exists.  Some clients do both: extending and renovating.

The first step is to understand what you want.  Then set a realistic budget.  Talk to your bank – find out how much you can borrow and what you’re happy to repay.

Then talk to your builder.  Discuss your ideas with them so they can help you get exactly what you want for your budget.  Don’t opt for the cheapest price and watch out for hidden extras.  Your home is your biggest asset – choose your builder wisely.  Browse websites – read blogs and look for video proof of what they’ve done.  Are they showing you great products for your home?

After all, your home needs to be just right for you now, and well into the future.

You’ll soon discover that Dowling Homes ticks all those boxes for you.  We’re the renovation and extension experts in Adelaide.

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