By Jan Dowling February 25th, 2014. Comments Off on Ticking all the right the boxes – the Working Drawings and Engineering Agreement

So the planning drawings for your home extension are complete and planning approval has been granted. Congratulations! Now it’s time to really get things moving.

Want to see how it works in action? Click on the infographic at the bottom for a visual!

Detailed plans, council approval, soil tests, engineering report, boundary survey… all these boxes need to be ticked before the building work can begin.

But before you panic, Dowling Homes has streamlined the process into one quick and easy step, saving you time and money and taking the stress out of organising your home extension.  We offer you a one page, no obligation Working Drawings and Engineering Agreement.

Then we discuss any final changes to your planning drawings , in particular the outside appearance and internal layout.  From that we prepare a complete set of Working Drawings  ready for building approval and council certification.  At this point we also submit the documents to our engineer for soil report footing design and structural elements.   This will ensure the plans comply with all relevant by-laws, codes and standards.  We also organise a boundary survey, if that’s required.  Trust us – we check everything!

Also, very importantly, this is when we give you a Fixed Price Quotation.  No nasty surprises -you’ll know exactly how much your build is going to cost.  Of course, if you already have working drawings, we’d love to give you a Fixed Price Quotation now!

With Dowling Homes on the case, this process takes just five weeks to complete, and you can put your feet up the whole time and relax, knowing you’re in good hands.

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