By Jan Dowling January 16th, 2015. Comments Off on Video Testimonial from Brett and Sue at Flagstaff Hill

“I loved every single moment of it. I LOVE my kitchen. This is beautiful. ”

“You really need to do this once in your life. It’s just been a fantastic experience.”

“Definitely worth the exercise. There’s not a shadow of a doubt. None”

“Definitely we’d recommend Dowling Homes.”

We love to build.  We love to renovate.   It’s our passion.  And it’s especially rewarding when we have delightful customers like Brett and Sue to work with.

Here’s what they had to say.

“There were no nasty surprises.  The quality has been fantastic”.

“We really love where we’re at, and we’re thinking about doing more.”

“Anything we came up with was “It’s doable and don’t worry, we’ll take care of it”.

“It’s amazing.  It would have had to add enormous value to the house.  Definitely.”

“You said “No question’s too silly.””

“None of it was too hard.  None of it was a problem.  Fantastic.”

“Definitely we’d recommend Dowling Homes.”

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