By Jan Dowling August 21st, 2016. Comments Off on Video Testimonial from Mick and Maggie at Semaphore

“It has really met our expectations and it is a Grand Design! Yes.”

“It’s brilliant.”

“It’s been an amazing use of the space”

“Definitely the man cave and the cellar – it’s fantastic.”

“It’s really, really lovely. We’re terribly happy with what we have.”

“The new kitchen is gorgeous. Absolutely”

It’s a fantastic feeling when our customers are happy. And why wouldn’t they be? This project has turned out exactly as we had planned. Maggie and Mick are over the moon about the difference it’s made to their lives.

Watch the finished project here and you’ll understand why.

You can read the video right here –

“Kym – So, Mick and Maggie, now that you’ve moved into this beautiful new extension, what would you say is the favourite part for each of you?

Mick –Well for me it’s definitely the man cave – the home cellar – it’s fantastic. Yes, I’ve got it set up for the latest format, and it sounds fantastic. The screen is nearly as big as the wall …

Kym – So it’s a home theatre as well.

Mick – It’s a home theatre and recording studio.

Kym – Brilliant!

Mick – It’s fantastic. It’s linked to the existing cellar, which we’ve turned into a sound booth/wine cellar.

Kym – Fantastic! And Maggie?

Maggie – Well, my favourite part is the whole space. I can’t pick out one particular thing. Having a space that we didn’t have before. And that’s really wonderful. To walk out here from the old house, as we call it now, into the new house, and to feel that sense of space and light.

Mick – No ceiling leaks!

Kym – We designed and built you really clever extra space both up and down, and that’s given you so much extra area to live in without impacting on the gardens. How does it feel when you’re kicking back on the deck with a glass of wine and just enjoying life in general?

Maggie – It’s brilliant! And that definitely was one of the briefs, not to lose any garden, and we didn’t. All we’ve lost is the old lean to and the garden has survived and I’m looking forward to the Spring, but already we can sit out on the deck and we’re in the treetops and the birds are all there and it’s brilliant. We can forget we’re in close suburbia. It’s quite lovely.

Mick – Plus the deck being so high above ground, you feel like you’re in the treetops, surrounded by trees and birds.

Kym – Yep, lovely. And Maggie, your new kitchen. How good is that!

Maggie – The new kitchen is gorgeous. Absolutely, and we all saw the old kitchen. It needed updating, and I happily put an axe through part of the old oven when we took it out of the wall, because we had improvised for many, many years and it’s so wonderful to cook in this kitchen and everything works, and it’s really, really lovely. We’re terribly happy with what we have.

Kym – which leads me onto my next question, but you’ve pretty much answered it, that after 20 years of thinking about this build, now that you’re living in it, did you ever imagine it would be so amazing?

Maggie – Not really. We had talked about an extension for so long. We were well aware of the limitations, because it IS a very narrow block, but you don’t feel that. When you’re in here there’s no sense of being squashed in and it’s been an amazing use of the space, and I didn’t, even throughout the build, have an expectation of what the finished product would look like. Even though we’re still putting in the bling, and doing our bit now to it, it has really met our expectations and it is a Grand Design! Yes.

Kym – fantastic!  Mick and Maggie, thanks very much.”

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