By Jan Dowling February 3rd, 2016. Comments Off on What Will Your Dream Home Extension REALLY Cost?

You’ve probably heard the stories about home extension cost blow outs, even before the first brick’s been laid!

Well we’ve made a video to show you how you’ll save time and money.

At Dowling Homes, we design AND we build. So we know what the REAL cost is going to be.

Save time and money.

Come to us and we’ll not only design it, we’ll show you what it will look like in 3D, AND we’ll build it according to your budget.

Don’t be disappointed – chat to us about your budget before you spend thousands of dollars on plans and council approvals with someone who doesn’t know how to price building work.

Sick of getting the run around? Not sure who to believe? Give us a call or make an online enquiry today. That’s how you’ll know how much Your Dream Home Extension will REALLY Cost.

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You can read the video here:

Hi everybody. Kym Dowling here from Dowling Homes.

What Will Your Dream Home Extension REALLY Cost?

This is something we get asked over and over and over again. But only ever by people who come to us with plans drawn by architects or designers. And they’re so disappointed to discover that the home they’re really excited about costs way more than the budget estimate they were given with the plans.

And that’s because architects and designers don’t know how to price building.

That’s why it’s better for you to engage a builder who will not only build your dream home, but also design it, according to YOUR budget.

Now I’m not saying that architects and designers aren’t great at what they do.

I’m saying that, because they’re not builders, they don’t know how to price the work accurately.

Now, can we help you with that? Sure!

Come to us and we’ll not only design it, we’ll show you what it will looks like in 3D, AND we’ll build it. And we’ll build it to your budget.

Why is coming to us so great for you?

Because we have an in house designer, and we do our own pricing.

There’s no guesswork involved, and no nasty surprises for you later.

So, avoid disappointment and contact us today.

I look forward to chatting with you about your design soon.

I’m Kym Dowling from Dowling Homes.

Bye for Now

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